Korea’s Hyundai May Build Power Stations in Anbar

An investment delegation from the Korean company Hyundai, specialized in establishing and equipping oil-fired power plants, visited Anbar province on Tuesday to discuss proposals for investment in the province, according to a report from AKnews.

Wissam al-Rawi, the head of the Energy Committee of Anbar Council, said that the council discussed investment with the Hyundai delegation and ways of operating oil-fuelled plants and satisfying the needs of citizens through setting up several power stations.

Khalil Ibrahim al-Awwad, the director of the electricity distribution department, said that the Korean company’s proposals to set up three large stations and link them to a central plant were discussed in detail.

“The Korean company Hyundai has a long history in building plants and generators,” he said.

Hyundai’s representative, Medhat al-Hamdani, said that “the company is ready to begin working in Anbar and eliminate the electricity problem. Its mission is to quickly establish power stations that work using oil, as a result of deteriorating conditions and the lack of gas or diesel.”

Hamdani said that the new plants would satisfy the power supply needs of the province, particularly during the scorching summer months when extra electricity is needed to power air-conditioner units and water coolers.

Consumer payments were also discussed: Interest free credit installments and governmental subsidies were the two possibilities currently being examined.

(Source: AKnews)

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