US Transfers $43m Camp to Iraqi Army

The United States Forces-Iraq and Iraqi Army has signed a document transferring ownership of areas at Camp Taji known as “The Triangle” and “North Side”.

The areas encompass more than $43 million in property and equipment – 218 buildings, more than 1,000 Containerized Housing Units, and more than 10,000 pieces of equipment.

With this transfer the Iraqi Army receives buildings to house troops and equipment and land they can train on, said U.S. Army Capt. James Marcher, with 2nd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment, who serves as the officer-in-charge of the Camp Taji base closure cell, and is a native of Amelia, La.

The Iraqi Army wanted the land and property because it allows them to consolidate some of their divisions from other places into one location, said U.S. Air Force Maj. Nicholas Musgrove, an Iraq Training and Advisory Mission-Army advisor to the Iraqi Army Location Command.

The ITAM-Army team served as a liaison between the Camp Taji base closure cell and Iraqi Army Location Command. They also organized a joint inventory operation for the land, property and equipment.

During the process, U.S. and Iraqi Army personnel worked together through interpreters to verify and account for all the items on the property books.

The Iraqi Army will expand its security responsibilities with this transfer, Musgrove said.

“Expansion is the only way they’ll be able to truly finish securing this country,” said 1st Lt. Ryan Martin, with 2nd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment, who serves as the deputy officer-in-charge of the base closure cell, and is a native of Carencro, La.

[Picture: Iraqi Army Col. Ibraheem Abbed, deputy commander of the Taji Location Command, and U.S. Army Lt. Col. Eric “Clay” Rivers, Camp Taji garrison commander and commander of 2nd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment, shake hands after signing a document]

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