Microsoft Opens Training Centre in Baghdad

The international computer giant Microsoft opened its first training centre in Baghdad on Wednesday.

The Iraqi Minister of Technology and Science, Ra’ed Fahmi, said the centre would contribute to developing Information Technology (IT) skills among the country’s workforce.

During the opening ceremony held in Baghdad, the centre’s director, Ahmed Iz al-Dein, said that the centre will give trainees direct access to the latest developments in the world of IT.

“The centre will enable the trainee to tackle the issues he/she faces in technology,” he said.

Dein went on to explain that the centre is not only for training, but but also for examination, and for granting international certificates by the Microsoft Company following the completion of a 14 to 30-day course.

The centre, Dein added, accommodates up to 160 students per day, divided into morning and afternoon shift lectures; noting that the all of the trainers are Iraqi with a wide experience in the field of IT.

The Minister said in his speech that “Microsoft establishing a centre in Iraq indicates a strong evolution emerging on the economic community.”

Fahmi said that this centre will decrease the huge expenses some organizations face when sending employees abroad to attain the sort of training and certification that the center provides.

(Source: AKnews)

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