Iraqi MPs Fined for Absenteeism

The Iraqi parliament has announced that it has cut some 26 million Iraqi Dinars (about US$22,000) from the remuneration of MPs who did not attend sessions last month, and said that more will be cut this month.

The monthly salary of each Iraqi MP is 13.5 million Iraqi Dinars (about US$11,200) and they receive an additional 21 million Iraqi Dinars to be spent on 30 bodyguards for personal protection. But there are also allegations that they spend a very small percentage of the money they receive for protection and keep the rest for themselves, according to a report from AKnews.

The parliament had previously decided to cut 500,000 Iraqi Dinars per session from any MP not attending.

Last month, some 56 parliamentarians did not attend the 4th and 6th sessions costing them 26 million Iraqi Dinars, while for this month’s 7th and 8th sessions about the same number have not attended the sessions.

“The names of the MPs who do not attend sessions is recorded daily and will be revealed through the media, but they will be given a week to prove they had a legitimate excuse for not attending” said Mohammed Abubakr, parliament’s media official, “but after that period, they will be counted absent”

“For the sessions 7 and 8 of this month, 58 MPs did not attend, bringing the amount of money to be cut by the parliament’s finance department this month to 29 million Iraqi Dinars (around US$24,000″ he said.

According to Mr. Abubakr, the parliament’s new presidency is more serious about the implementation of the decision.

(Source: AKnews)

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