Oil, Power and Ports: Iraq and Kuwait Bicker Over Border Areas

Officials from the local Basra government say they have proof of the theft and that they have informed Baghdad. For example, pressure in some oil reservoirs has dropped significantly and the Iraqis believe this is because of Kuwaiti’s drilling into the same reservoirs.

Recently Kuwait’s ambassador to Baghdad, Ali al-Mu’men denied Iraqi allegations like these and instead, accused Iraqi companies of extracting oil from Kuwaiti oil reserves.

Farid Khalid, who heads the energy committee of the Basra provincial council, said the local authorities felt that the federal government had made a mistake by not complaining about these issues earlier.

“No oil work was done on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti-Iranian borders by the Iraqi government for years which is why the oil reserves were open for looting,” he explained his point of view. And one of the questions many locals are asking is why the Iraqi government has not been more enthusiastic about developing, and investing in, these border areas. “Kuwaitis are now digging to get the biggest share of oil,” one official in the area told NIQASH. “Are there political reasons stopping the government from investment in these areas?” he asked.

(Source: Niqash)

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