GE Opens New Offices in Iraq

This agreement follows earlier announcements that GE is supplying Frame 9E gas turbines to Erbil, Sulaimania and Dohuk provinces. The GE Frame 9E gas turbines come equipped with flexible fuel handing capabilities, accommodating a wide range of fuels. With these agreements, Mass Global will generate over 2,250 MW of power for the Kurdistan region. It further reiterates the leading role that GE is playing in supporting the growth of the region’s energy sector and the strong relationships the company has forged with leading utility providers.

The Kurdistan region has more than 47 productive oil & gas reservoir formations across its two major basins – the Arabian and the Zagros – accounting for about 43.7 billion proven oil reserves and close to 100 trillion cubic ft of gas, according to Kurdistan Regional Government estimates. GE’s gas turbines have a strong presence in Iraq’s oilfields due to their reliability and ability to use different fuels, highlighting the potential for stronger partnerships in the Kurdistan region.

Partnering in the healthcare infrastructure development plans of the Kurdistan Region, which today has over 460 primary health centers, GE Healthcare is providing advanced diagnostic technologies that are crucial to address the prevalence of an aggressive form of breast cancer – a key concern for the government.

GE has already installed the first in-country digital flat panel biplane cardiac cath lab system in Dohuk, and is supplying the country’s first radiation therapy CT technology to help oncologists deliver more precise treatment and drive a better outcome for cancer patients in the Kurdistan region, at the Qirgah Hospital in Sulaimania.

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2 Responses to GE Opens New Offices in Iraq

  1. Arhad 26th November 2011 at 06:51 #

    It is very god development and I wish all the success to GE & Iraq. I hope all the Iraqi proffitiomals in abroad will come back and work in Iraq

  2. Raed al-nasery 1st December 2011 at 17:33 #

    I am so happy that a big company like GE and well known for their experience in power generation made that decision to open office in iraq . I feel iraq now are in the right direction in solving the electricity for the people in .