WHO Attaining Universal Coverage

This exercise is part of the Health Sector Reform/Iraq Public Sector Modernization (I-PSM) programme and one of the main priority cited by the Ministries of Planning, Health and Financing. WHO in cooperation and coordination with partners, including the United Nations Agencies is assisting and guiding the national experts in the Ministry of Health to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate comprehensive health financing policies and strategies based on the best available evidence.

It is worth mentioning that I-PSM is a four-year United Nations (UN) interagency comprehensive programme funded by the United Nations Development Group Iraq Trust Fund (UNDG-ITF) with total allocated funds of US$ 55 million.

The approach of the I-PSM programme is to conduct functional reviews of the health sector/system with the aim of assessing the capacity of the health system by reviewing core functions, focusing on the central Ministry of Health, directorates of health at the governorate, district, service provision and community level. It covers clinical services and public health functions and also focuses on the links between the health sector and other sectors mandated to provide services with either a direct or indirect effect on health.

(Source: UNAMI)

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