KRG PM Barzani’s Speech in Reichstag Building

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The discoveries are there in the oil fields of Kurdistan, but we must also focus on getting the oil and gas to market.

Not just from the fields in the Kurdistan, but from all the other adjacent areas of Iraq.

With the right export infrastructure in place, by 2019, over 3 million barrels per day could be flowing through Kurdistan to international markets.

So we are working hard:

  • to identify bottlenecks in the infrastructure,
  • to create the right investment scenario,
  • and to get more oil to the market.
  • this means building additional export pipelines for Iraq.

and that is what we are doing, in line with our rights as stated in Iraq’s constitution.

This policy should not be seen as a threat to Iraq’s unity or as somehow “destabilizing.”

Pipelines bring prosperity, and economic growth will contribute to the stability and unity
of Iraq.

Under the Constitution, the export and marketing of Iraq’s oil or gas from Iraq is not the monopoly of any single entity, as long as the revenues are shared fairly among its people.

So if Europe wants to access gas from the fields in Kurdistan, it will be the KRG that takes the lead in negotiations.

Our policies, our achievements and our contracts are entirely consistent with Iraq’s Constitution, and I stress again, the benefits will be shared by all Iraqis.

Our approach is also in line with the need to help stabilize oil markets through increased production at a moment of significant international tension.

Our fast developing energy industry is leading the way in creating private-sector downstream business opportunities.

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