IBN at the Heart of Women’s Economic Empowerment

Other than the IBN, other organisations and communities are working with us to make this happen. We are for example excited to announce that world-renowned Iraqi Architect Zaha Hadid has agreed to be interviewed for our inaugural issue.

We are also looking forward to working with Women for Women International, featuring stories such as that of Nazahat, a participant in a pilot program between Women for Women International and Prosperity Candle. A mother of five living in Baghdad, Nazahat has become a field tester and trainer, making candles in her home to sell and teaching other women to do the same. We have also reached out to Lana Yako who set up a taxi company for and by women in Erbil.

Inez Murray, in her capacity as CEO for the Global Banking Alliance for Women (which represents 32 banks and 5 non-banks in 135 countries) sums it up nicely:

The value of the women’s market is being recognised as game changing in the global banking market. By providing a meeting and communications hub in an opportunity-rich environment such as Iraq, we believe this magazine and the related events will allow our member banks, to share practical experiences and innovations they have implemented to support women’s economic empowerment in their countries.

“Previous experience has shown us that a combination of knowledge share and practical support, working with local financial institutions, can facilitate growth. We are therefore delighted to offer our support for this pioneering project.

I will leave the last world with Wissal Al Allaq whose voice you heard first speaking in the Iraq Business news in February 2013.

“I am an Iraqi who grew up with shared lives and friendships, both Sunni and Shia…I now don’t have a home because home is where you feel a sense of belonging. I’ve been in the UAE for the last 15 years. The irony is that most people here will eventually head home, while I can’t. I am still looking for that home of my heart and don’t know where to find it.”

We need your help!

We will be posting regular project updates and showing you project progression on the PSDC website. As well as draft impressions for you to comment on, there is more specific information as to how you can get involved  as a company, NGO, university or an individual (you can also find out where the name came from!). You can also contact me directly [email protected]

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