Video: Al-Qaeda Winning Fight for Fallujah

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Al-Qaeda-linked militants have strengthened their clutch on Fallujah, a city near Baghdad that was seized from the government weeks ago.

The city was formerly a hot spot during the US occupation of the country.

American troops pushed al-Qaeda from the area in 2004.

Today, two years after the US withdrawal from Iraq, it is one of the many areas that the terrorist organization has retaken:

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3 Responses to Video: Al-Qaeda Winning Fight for Fallujah

  1. Yasmin 23rd January 2014 at 09:20 #

    You should not put such kind of biased news at all. Also this is not right and blunt fabrications. I begin to loose respect for your website. You either promoted by Kurd- Zionists or by Al Qaida.

  2. Editor 23rd January 2014 at 11:45 #

    @Yasmin: thank you for your comments.

    Rather than making general accusations of bias and fabrication, may I suggest that you challenge the specific claims made in the video if you believe them to be untrue.

    – Editor