Iraq’s “Massive Potential”

Following another day of particularly bad violence in Baghdad, it would be easy to dismiss Iraq as a failing state with little hope of ever providing a normal life for its people.

But that’s not everyone’s view. The United Kingdom, for example has just renewed its commitment to the country with the appointment of Baroness Nicholson as its new Trade Envoy.

While acknowledging the difficulties faced by the Iraqi people, she concluded an interview with CNN by saying:

Iraq has massive potential … the future is very good indeed [and] it’s a tough struggle to get there, but that’s no reason not to be in there to help.

Despite the current violence, many international companies, NGOs and diplomatic missions continue to come to Iraq because they share that vision of what Iraq can become; others, doubtless, are deterred by the flow of negative news that dominates the media.

At Iraq Business News, we hope to redress that balance and show you all sides of the Iraqi story.

(Flag image via Shutterstock)

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