The Truth Behind #WeAreThePeople

#wearethepeople has been tweeted more than four million times in the past three weeks.

It looks like an anti-government protest, but who’s really behind it?

The Trending team investigates how financial ‘gurus’ are using the hashtag to encourage people to buy Iraqi dinar.

Click here to listen to the report from BBC.

(Source: BBC)

(Iraqi Dinar image via Shutterstock)

104 Responses to The Truth Behind #WeAreThePeople

  1. WOW 13th April 2014 at 15:03 #

    Ya know here is the deal. I bought into it also and I have been hearing the same thing now for 2 years. I’m either sitting on a gold mine if it does or I have 1.2 mil in toilet paper. Either way at least im sitting when something hits…LOL

  2. Nomad 4th May 2014 at 06:25 #

    Explain Jordan’s dinar then? Their crap GDP and no real natural resources and no real economy. Just a US puppet state. Their dinar was 3 dollars per dinar in the 80s. Devalued over night to 1.5 dollars per dinar. Still considered one of the strongest currencies. Explain why the IQD shouldn’t be equal to or greater than Jordan’s then? And based on Iraqi law the IQD is legally suppose to peg within .20 of Kuwaits which I believe is 3.77??? Thanks.

  3. Stew 5th May 2014 at 19:04 #

    The most basic economic principle is Value= supply vs demand.
    Does the word supply mean anything to you? Obviously not.
    How can you possibly come here claiming that one currency should be worth another currency without even giving any thought to how much of that currency exist.
    A quick check on the Jordan Central bank site shows their M2 money supply number as 27 Billion dinar.
    As an Iraqi dinar holder you should at the very minimum know Iraq’s M2 money supply number. It is 80 TRILLION dinar.
    So there are approx 3000 times more Iraqi dinar than Jordanian dinar.
    For every Jordain dinar there are 3000 Iraqi dinar.
    Do you really think they should be worth the same thing?
    All the currency in the world right now… total money supply all countries added together… WORLD M2 is about 60 to 70 Trillion US dollars worth. You think Iraq can RV that 80 Trillion dinar to be worth 80 Trillion dollars? You want $1.5 per dinar, so that would give them 120 Trillion dollars. Way more than the rest of the world combined.
    Wake up. Learn just the most basic economic principles. Which require simple basic math. You’ll realize the Iraq dinar RV talk is all scam.

  4. ruth 9th June 2014 at 21:05 #

    So, the Iraqi Dinar is a scam?, that’s a problem for Iraq because they don’t have a tradeable currency in the WTO, and those that promote it as a scam are those that dont want you to have it.