Luaibi to IOCs: We’re Here to Help

By John Lee.

Iraqi oil minister Abdul Kareem al-Luaibi (pictured) has moved to reassure major IOCs in the wake of growing disgruntlement over bureaucracy.

He remarked to reporters that his ministry

” is keen to provide all kinds of support and cooperation for all international companies operating in Iraq, including contracting with companies within the oil licensing rounds.”

The announcement follows a recent last minute move to placate ENI following slow movement from Baghdad ahead of April’s general elections. Bureaucratic complications have slowed ENI’s work and forced the company to terminate key contractors’ jobs, a move which also affected 100 BP contractors at Rumaila.

BP has also been disgruntled at Baghdad’s slowness in approving key contracts, something again put down to a slowdown in Baghdad in the run up to the April elections.

(Source: Shafaq News) 


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