MP Death Verdict: Is Govt Genuine about Reconciliation?

Before this they felt that the mostly Shiite Muslim Iraqi army soldiers were their enemies, an occupying force. If they could be allowed to form their own security forces from among their own people, they would want to force the extremists out – so the argument goes.

Iraq’s new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been supportive of the idea saying that the government would pay for and help to arm the new National Guard groups. However as yet things are moving too slowly for many of the Sunni Muslim locals in the areas that the IS group partially or completely controls.

“The provinces controlled by the IS group have started to lose patience because the government in Baghdad hasn’t even started forming the new National Guard units,” Iraqiya MP, Nahida al-Dayni, told NIQASH.

Some suggest that a number of the Sunni Muslim tribes in Anbar are trying to circumvent Baghdad altogether.

“There’s secret information that suggests a delegation from Sunni Muslim tribal leaders and local officials from Anbar, Salahaddin, Diyala and the city of Mosul have been meeting since November 29 to discuss the future of their cities,” Karim al-Mahlawi, a tribal leader in Anbar, told NIQASH.

Al-Mahlawi says his cousin was part of one of the delegations and that the delegation took their complaints about Baghdad’s reluctance to act on any of its resolutions to US officials, arguing that some Shiite Muslim political actors were trying to delay the arming of Sunni tribes in Anbar and to prevent the tribes from confronting the IS group.

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