MP Death Verdict: Is Govt Genuine about Reconciliation?

The US officials apparently said they would do their best to pressure the government about forming National Guard units. However providing weapons to a new National Guard without the Iraqi government’s permission might only anger Baghdad and neighbouring Iran, to whom some of the Shiite Muslim politicians were loyal to.

Additionally Baghdad has some very genuine concerns about what those National Guard units would do next – fight against the Shiite Muslim-led government? Fight one another? Fight the Shiite Muslim militias? Start attacking other provinces?

Sources suggest that Baghdad has actually tried to negotiate with some of the tribal leaders in the Anbar province to get them to stand with the Iraqi government, and to prevent them from negotiating directly with the US. Some of the Sunni Muslim tribes in the area are prepared to do this while others are insisting they should remain neutral.

It is uncertain what will happen next in Anbar. Whatever does happen though, any likely outcome will see the IS group lose territory and power in the troubled province. 

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