Mladenov: Most Pressing Goal Remains Defeating IS

He noted that 5.2 million people need humanitarian assistance, of whom 2.25 million are displaced and 235,000 are refugees from Syria, with the population of the Kurdistan Region having increased by 30 per cent because of the influx.

“Let me sound some alarm bells,” he said. “Sixty per cent of humanitarian operations in Iraq are likely to shut-down or be curtailed unless funding is received in the next few weeks. The food pipeline will break in mid-May unless funding is received before March. The essential medicines pipeline will break at the end of March.”

The UN’s humanitarian country team had listed fast track priorities which could not be postponed or ignored and he called for $150 million to support IDPs.

Mr. Mladenov also spoke about the issue of missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals and property, pointing out that the Kuwaiti Government and people were “understandably disappointed” that nothing tangible has been achieved for many years on the matter.

With goodwill between Iraq and Kuwait at its highest now since 1990, he said it was an “opportune moment” for the countries’ leaderships to come together on an important humanitarian issue.

(Source: United Nations News Centre)

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