YOU are the Hope for Vulnerable Iraqi Children

YOU are the hope for some of the world’s most vulnerable children

From our friends Ali Allawi and Shirin Rahimi, a special invitation for November 11:

“Join us at the Hope For Humanity Fundraiser event benefiting the refugee crisis for an evening with internationally renowned music composer and player Ramy Adly, on November 11, 2015, 6:30 PM in collaboration with UNICEF, Iraqi Children’s Foundation and Karam Foundation.  

“These amazing organizations work directly with internally displaced children and refugees in Iraq and Syria to provide food, water, shelter, medicine, clothing , education ,work opportunities and most importantly HOPE!  100% of the proceeds of this event will be donated to UNICEF, Iraqi Children’s Foundation and Karam Foundation.”

Tickets are available online & at the door day of the event:  Don’t miss it!

ICF is honored to be a part of this event to bring hope to desperately vulnerable children in Iraq.  More than 1 million children have been displaced by ISIS since January 2014. They’ve come to know fear, danger, want, insecurity, and unbearable loss.

For each one, the key to hope is that someone, somewhere will care enough to take action.  Join Shirin, Ali, Ramy, the ICF team, and others determined to be that “someone”!

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