New Legislation needed for IDP Areas

Dr. Erfan Ali, Head of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in Iraq, stated that the technical team of the national program recently completed discussions with the Shura Council regarding the new two draft legislations, that were presented by the programme to address solutions for the current informal settlements and to prevent future irregularities, in addition to supporting regulations to addresses the root causes that lead to the emergence of this phenomenon in order to prevent its recurrence in the future.

He also referred to the recent approval of the Steering Committee on the proposed financial framework to help in the implementation of the directions of the Programme through the special fund mechanisms for informal settlements and IDP areas, which will be regulated through legislation currently under discussion.

The workshop’s sessions included presentations of the proposed new legislations and mechanisms for the legal treatment, which include the documentation of urban irregularities on State-owned or municipal lands within the boundaries of the Master Plans prior to the validating date of this law, according to modern and high resolution satellite images provided by the Programme, which were handed over during the workshop.

The imageries investment technique was explained as a starting point and documentation of the current situation to enable municipalities and local authorities to remove new urban irregularities.

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme has launched, earlier this month, the global campaign to improve and transform the lives of one billion slums’ dwellers and to stimulate the contribution of all countries, organizations and the private sector in this regard based on the Global Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the Goal 11 “to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.

(Source: UN)

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