Mosul Locals Wage Psychological War Against IS

The “M” is not the only way that locals are trying to resist the Islamic State group. Another example saw locals in the Dubbat neighbourhood in Mosul – an area where many army officers used to live – wake to find that somebody had placed an Iraqi flag atop an electricity pole during the night. The only flag that is allowed in Mosul is the black one belonging to the IS group.

The extremists removed the flag immediately and burned it; they also arrested a number of locals, including some younger people and some retired army officers, and took them away, blindfolded, for questioning.

Everyone in Mosul knows the price of resistance – certain, and most likely cruel, death.

On July 21, the IS group released a new seven-minute-long video that showed two of the extremists holding knives as well as two young Iraqi men in front of them. The extremists spoke in French and threatened France again as well as the other countries belonging to the international coalition that is fighting against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

They also congratulated Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, the man who had killed over 80 in Nice, France, on July 14. They then proceeded to decapitate the young men with their knives. The whole gruesome spectacle was filmed in Mosul.

The cruelty did not surprise Iraqis. But what was surprising about the video was the fact that it contained an admission by the IS group that there is resistance to them inside Mosul. The two young men who were killed confessed to having drawn the “M” graffiti and also to having given information to the international coalition.

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