Mosul Locals Wage Psychological War Against IS

For example, Iraqi pro-government forces have recently advanced in the nearby Qayyarah district, which is just under 70 kilometres out of Mosul.

Additionally, Iraqi politicians often comment publicly about resistance against the IS group from within Mosul. In particular, they talk about the so-called Mosul Brigades, a secret resistance network that puts out statements threatening the IS group with death and promising revenge.

The former governor of the province and former resident of the city, Atheel al-Nujaifi, has talked at length about how he thinks that the people of Mosul will liberate the city themselves as soon as they have the opportunity.

However as one resident of the city, who must remain anonymous for security reasons, told NIQASH in a phone call, the resistance in Mosul is mostly psychological at the moment, involving such things as the “M” graffiti and social media.

Actual physical attacks on the IS group and its members remain limited and don’t pose a major threat to the extremist organisation that still has the city under tight control.

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