The Growth of the Iraqi Tech Ecosystem

The two main Iraqi tech startup cities are the capital, Baghdad, and the capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil.

Entrepreneur events include Startup Weekend in both cities. These 54-hour events take place periodically, and bring together the tech startup community to network, share ideas and solve problems.

Bite.Tech is our very own online newsletter that recently launched for news on Iraq’s tech ecosystem and digital economic growth. We will raise awareness of all important developments and connect the Iraqi tech ecosystem to the outside world.

Moreover, increasing numbers of young Iraqis are showing an interest in entrepreneurship and how to get into tech business.

Future prospects and challenges

Like many up-and-coming tech ecosystems, in Iraq we are seeking to attract investors, to gain support from the government and to help create a talent pool that will meet the human resources needs for a tech ecosystem to grow and thrive.

These are our main challenges. It is thanks to the hard work by a large group of dedicated entrepreneurs that our ecosystem has grown this far. To grow further, what we really need is a support network and funding.

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