Sexual Harassment common even for Iraqi Women Professionals

Although women often avoid admitting that they were harassed for personal and social reasons, journalist Safaa Ali told Al-Monitor, “I have indeed dealt with sexual harassment myself, and I had to step away from this embarrassing situation immediately,” adding, “Other colleagues were also subject to verbal and physical harassment.”

In an interview with Al-Monitor, journalist Hiba Noureddine said, “The phenomenon is growing worse. MP Nasif and the Iraqi Women’s Journalists Forum reflected this fact.” She went on, “Some officials and colleagues see women as only bodies.”

Qassem Hussein Saleh, head of the Iraqi Psychological Association, told Al-Monitor, “The phenomenon has become widespread, especially in public institutions. It is due to the pervasive political corruption, which is closely connected to the moral crisis.”

Saleh offered his psychological analysis of the phenomenon: “Many officials with modest educational backgrounds have not been exposed to gender mixing and cultural openness at university and throughout their careers. Sexual harassment was a way to compensate for personal and social restraint.”

Rehab al-Abouda, the head of the parliamentary Committee for Women, Family and Childhood, told Al-Monitor, “Harassment is prevalent in the workplace and high-profile institutions. However, female victims almost never file a complaint to avoid shame.”

Jawad al-Shamri, the media director at the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, told Al-Monitor, “This phenomenon is … a result of the financial and administrative corruption in the country.” He explained, “The physical and verbal harassment of women in the workplace is a violation of international human rights declarations.”

Shamri pointed to “a complaint filed by a female journalist at one of the Iraqi TV stations after she was subjected to sexual harassment, forcing her to quit her job for good.”

One Response to Sexual Harassment common even for Iraqi Women Professionals

  1. A. J . Aziz 5th February 2017 at 10:11 #

    Bullshit , this is not harrassment, this the kind of governmenmore and more every dayt we have , ALIA NUSSAIF herself represent the corruption on the highest scale , she and HANAN FATLAWI are the WHORES of iraqi political elite society.

    in arabic ) اذا كان رب البيت بالدف ناقرا فشيمة اهل الدار الرقص

    ًNOBODY respect the Iraqi government anymore , the only event that stopes people from demonstration is the war against ISIL.

    Just wait till Iraq becomes a barren desert, iraq lost 22 million palm dates trees , and losing , and lossing more and more every day, in KRG barzani familly offered oil fields for sale to RAJAB TAIB URDOGAN did not supply heating oil to the population , and no one can open his mouth , as it is no more democracy anymore , barzani plot against its protector ( USA ) , just to accomulate more wealth in swiss banks , so the other Iraqi officials , so what if one woman or tow get harrassed , it is part of what happening in IRAQ, it is going down the drain ,

    Nothing will improve the situation in Iraq , this woman willfully voted for such men and women to become her bosses