So many Iraqi Airports, so few Planes

Jumaa Diwan, a member of the parliamentary Services Committee, called the number of planned airports “unnecessary.” Diwan told Al-Monitor, “It is useless to have so many airports with [only] a few number of airplanes. This is not to mention that there are no international airlines operating in the country, except for at the Baghdad airport, which anyway only receives airplanes from certain countries.”

When asked what might be behind the push for airports, Diwan cited “the keenness of local governments [promoting] the projects to use them for election propaganda.” He further remarked, “The contracts for rehabilitating the airports involve lots of corruption, as the political parties are raising money for themselves through these contracts.”

On the issue of Iraq having an insufficient number of planes, Samer Kubba, director of Iraqi Airways, told Al-Monitor, “The number of aircraft is not compatible with the number of existing civilian airports. This is due to poor planning by local governments, which thought the conversion of military airports from Saddam’s era into civilian ones would be an easy task.”

Kubba said Iraq has a total of 31 commercial passenger aircraft being used full-time. “Over the next two years, Iraq will need more than 20 new aircraft,” he said. “There have already been 40 aircraft signed for with Boeing to meet actual needs for six years. Iraq has received five aircraft so far, but this contract has been temporarily suspended because of financial distress.”

Laith al-Rubaie, spokesman for the Transport Ministry, told Al-Monitor, “The problem has been taken care of temporarily by limiting the number of flights by the internal and external air fleet, which is the case today, and resorting to leasing planes sometimes used by the state in addition to temporarily closing airports in cities and repurposing some to accommodate new functions, such as storage and military tasks.”

2 Responses to So many Iraqi Airports, so few Planes

  1. Brad Adams 22nd April 2017 at 04:56 #

    The article states that Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait. I would like to see a link explaining why she invaded Kuwait. People should know the illegal drilling Kuwait was doing.

  2. A.J. aziz 22nd April 2017 at 20:22 #

    In Brasil there is more planes than USA , it is huge size country , while Iraq is less than 1000 Km from north to south , there might be a need for small private planes , cheap , like Brasil ( but Brasil produces planes ) we produce Mullas and kites , This Minister is sea captain , he knows nothing about anything with wings , so Iraq plagued with such men , who wants to have airports , as he puts canoes in in water < he is another joke < just like other Ministers ( Minister of Foreign affairs last statement said Tigris river originates from Iran so Euphrates river , and he is Foreign affairs Minister , he shall remain so till we either believe in his ill fated way of thinking , so we become PHD holders of stupidity , this new Iraq , plagued with Morons , rovers , thieves , pimps < all is the product of occupying Iraq by so called United States of America