US General Cites Iraqi Forces’ Ability in Liberating Al-Qaim

The coalition will provide surveillance, reconnaissance, precision air support and ground artillery, enabling the Iraqi forces’ advance while taking great care to minimize civilian casualties in the process, Croft said.

“As the [Iraqi forces are] pushing through the last areas of Anbar province, the coalition continues to assist the ground maneuver with intelligence-led precision strikes and close air support. In addition, we are supplying technical and logistical support to the battle,” he added.

More Work to Do

“Our job here is not finished,” the general said. “We as a coalition will continue to hunt ISIS and disrupt and destroy their operations. Iraq will be liberated and secured by Iraqis with the help of our united coalition.”

Croft noted that from an air perspective, the campaign to defeat ISIS in Iraq has been “the most precise, proportional air campaign that we have ever done.”

“And … from Mosul to Tal Afar, through Hawija through the Anbar province,” he continued, “the ability of the air component to support the [Iraqi security forces] is a real success story,” he added. “It’s been disciplined, professional, and very effective.”

The coalition is continuing its work to enable the Iraqis to conduct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations on their own and assisting with their precision-strike capability, Croft said. “This is an enabler that will allow this country to defeat another enemy, whether it looks like ISIS or otherwise, in the future,” he added.

(Source: US Dept of Defense)

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