Baghdad seeks Concessions before Negotiating with Kurds

“The Iraqi government also calls for handing over all the border crossings, including Peshkhabour [Faysh Khabur] and Ibrahim Khalil. Finally, the Iraqi government also is not willing to pay the KRG’s $5.5 billion in debts — $4 billion to Turkey and $1.5 billion to [Russian gas company] Gazprom. The KRG must pay its debts,” the source said.

The KRG — in particular, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) side — is unlikely to hand over the Peshkhabour border crossing willingly and allow Iraqi forces to deploy there, as this area has become the lifeline of KDP financing and reaching the outside world. The KDP also uses the crossing as leverage against its main rivals, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Rojava administration (the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria).

Currently, the KRG is struggling just to pay its public servants, who haven’t yet received their September salaries. At a Dec. 11 meeting, the KRG Cabinet concluded the government can only pay public servants half their salaries every 60 days. The KRG also cannot pay its debts to Turkey and Russia.

As relations between Erbil and Baghdad have always been delicate, any simple disagreement can quickly become complicated. For example, in a Dec. 9 speech, Abadi praised Iraqi forces’ victory over the Islamic State but avoided mentioning the sacrifices of the Kurdistan peshmerga forces — earning him so much criticism that the speech was later amended to include the peshmerga.

It seems that despite pressure from the United Nations, the United States and the EU on the Iraqi government and the KRG, Erbil-Baghdad negotiations are unlikely to happen until Iraqi elections are held in May. And, of course, while commencing negotiations and constructive dialogue is incredibly complicated, reaching an agreement on prolonged disputes and issues will be even more so.

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2 Responses to Baghdad seeks Concessions before Negotiating with Kurds

  1. ahmedalii 23rd December 2017 at 17:26 #

    Barzani family will never give the border crossing to Tukey and Iran , as its main route for smuggling oil , plus the international Erbil airport , this used by Barzani family for smuggling cash generated from many local sources in PRG , it is easy for them to transport any amount to any place around the globe, even many sources mentio, n that Barzani family huge wealth is stashed in Swiss banks at total of about 600 billion USD, Barzany family members seen in Switzerland >>>>

    they are so greedy , even they do not pay one USD to save themselves from expected sudden collapse of KRG, there shall be no KRG in few months

  2. KHAN 1st January 2018 at 18:24 #

    I was in Kurdistan for Oil conference, and the amount of money that is laid out for companies to grab is not conceivable by common person. Barzani Family have agents who eveyday export cash via private jets to EU everyday. KRG is a family business, and a hobby because they do not stay in Erbil, that is a vacation house. This family lives in EU, and they fool the kurds for their fiat freedom.

    US invasion was a deal to get the riches…… They GOT IT, thanks to HAJ Bush!

    IRAQ is for sale, and the BARZANI INC, is looting it well.