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Since our launch in February 2010 the IBN Web Site has grown from 2000 visits per month to c128,000 visits pm and page views from 12,000 per month to c247,500 pm. We have readers in 180 countries * The Web Site gives access to an archive of news and comment and all the features you would expect from a state of the art site in a fast moving environment like Iraq.

The free IBN Newsletter is short, sharp and full of up to the minute news compiled in the region and sent every Thursday direct to readers’ ‘in’ boxes. We now have 11,700 weekly subscribers, an increase of 76% over 12 months **.

News and Features

We source news locally with offices/agents in Amman, Baghdad, Basra and Erbil. Our expert bloggers give in depth analysis on Economics, Security, Politics, Marketing, Oil & Gas and Agriculture. We run a highly successful ‘Jobs in Iraq’ feature which offers free advertising to employers on a reciprocal basis. Our Iraqi Arabic language course is a valuable resource for expatriates working in Iraq. Recent additions include the Reports, Tenders and Investment pages.

Business people now have a means of communicating with key decision makers in the Government, local agencies, embassies and major corporations both in Iraq and worldwide. All are committed to realising the vast potential Iraq has to offer.

Make your own news

You can now write your own articles, as well as comments and blogs, linked to your own web site or URL. Our new Text Links feature allows you to write and link an article or link to an existing article. Visit Advertise/ How to Use Text Links for instructions.
New ! ‘Your Country’ …

Look out for our newest development – a series of country pages with help and information from your government, NGOs, trade associations and education and training organizations from ‘Your Country’.

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