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$190m for Irrigation Projects in 2011

The Agricultural Initiative panel plans to spend roughly 225 billion Iraqi dinars [$190m] on agricultural irrigation in 2011, according to a statement issued by the panel on Thursday. “The Initiative’s executive director, Dr. Hussein Jabir, proposed to the water resources ministry some selected projects for the year 2011 and offered a brief study on each […]

More Auditors Needed in Iraq

Patrick Fitzgerald, director of the US Defense Contract Audit Agency, told the Commission on Wartime Contracting that his agency lacks the resources to track all the money being spent in Iraq. The Pentagon’s top auditor said on Thursday that there may not be enough auditors to oversee all of the billions of dollars being spent. […]

Spanish Equipment Rental Company Moves Into Iraq

Spanish equipment rental company GAM (General de Alquiler de Maquinaria) has announced a major investment to enter the Iraqi market. Chief Operating Officer, Carlos Araoz, told IRN that the new depot in Erbil would be part funded using $20 million from an American source. “In Iraq I will not have Loxam or Lavendon competing with […]

Iraqi Transport Ministry Buys New Ships – Jobs to Follow

The Iraqi Transportation Minister, Amer Abdul-Jabbar, said that the ministry has signed a contract to purchase 66 vessels from an international company in order to reduce import expenditure, according to a report from AKnews. He said the ships will arrive next Monday and will create many job opportunities. Abdul-Jabbar noted that the project needs the […]

More Bickering Over Kurdish Oil Exports

Iraqi Kurds have not delivered on promises to ship 100,000 barrels of oil a day to the outside world through Iraqi national pipeline network, the Oil Ministry has said, according to Azzaman News Agency. “The Ministry of Natural Resources in the (Kurdish) region has exhibited no sign of cooperation so far. It has not supplied […]

China/Syria Talks on Refinery for Iraqi Oil

Syria’s Oil Minister Sufian Alao [Sufian Allaw] has met representatives of Chinese companies in Beijing to discuss the long-delayed refinery project that could help save Syria billions of dollars in fuel imports. The refinery could eventually take oil from Iraq, if political differences between Syria and Iraq that have delayed plans to re-activate an oil […]

Iraq Targets China, Avoids ‘Clean Energy’ Europe

Iraq plans to increase oil exports to Asia, especially India and China, the State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) Director General Falah al-Amri said in Baghdad. “Europe is an old market, and it has made plans to diversify away from oil to cleaner alternatives,” Amri said in a speech marking the 50th anniversary of the Organization […]

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Teachers Being Hired Throughout Iraq

The Education Ministry has confirmed plans to offer new staff to schools nationwide, depending on their needs. An official source in the ministry said that schools in the outskirts of Baghdad, and in other provinces which suffered security problems, like Mosul, Diyala, and Anbar, will be given priority.

German School Opens in Erbil

The German School in Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq was officially opened on 16 September by Safin Muhsin Dizayee, the Regional Government’s Education Minister, Nihad Qoja, the Chairman of the School Association and Stefan Bantle, the Head of the German Consulate-General in Erbil. It is thus the newest of a total of more than 130 German schools abroad […]

Oil Ministry Calls For More Border Crossings

The Iraqi Oil Ministry is seeking to open more border crossings to make it easier for foreign firms to bring their oil equipment to Iraq. “Foreign firms working on boosting Iraq’s oil production submitted a request to the Kuwaiti authorities to open a border crossing so that they can bring their equipment into Iraq,” a […]

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Iraq, The ‘Awakening Economic Giant’

The Financial Times ran an article on Wednesday by Farouk Soussa, Citigroup’s Chief Economist for the Middle East. While we’re all used to hearing the statistics and projections, Mr Soussa gave us a more engaging metaphor for Iraq’s potentially prosperous future: “Beneath the unsettled surface, Iraq is an economic giant, slowly but surely awakening after […]