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Erbil Hosts Agriculture Conference

The USAID Inma Program helps farmers improve quality, increase quantity, and reduce costs of production. This was the message coming out of a conference held in the Kurdistan regional capital Erbil .about the current situation of the agriculture sector in The aim was to increase local agricultural production so that it can supply the regional […]

Ministry Links Isolation Centers

Iraqi Agriculture Ministry has implemented a communication network that links its border health isolation centers to each other. “The network relies on the Internet,” the ministry said in a release on Tuesday received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. It said that the network allows effective communication between the centers. ( Aswat Al Iraq )

Agricultural Conference in Arbil

A one-day conference was held in Arbil city on Tuesday to discuss agriculture circumstances in the Iraqi region of Kurdistan. “We will help farmers in Kurdistan,” a source from the conference told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the conference aims at helping farmers learn how to control production costs. ( Aswat Al Iraq […]

Combat Desertification Day

An official source in the Iraqi government on Monday, announced the Sixth of July of each year as National Day to Combat Desertification. A statement from the National Center, received by Eye Media, says the Cabinet decided to make the sixth of July, the National Day to Combat Desertification. It provides for the establishment of […]

Ban on Importing Vegetables from April 1

A ban on importing vegetables will be imposed throughout Iraq starting from April 1, 2010. “The ban is part of Iraqi Agriculture Ministry’s policy to support local production,” the Ministry said in a release on Monday received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. It said that the ban would help Iraqi farmers get a financial returnt […]

Ban on Potato Seed Imports

Iraq’s Ministry of Agriculture has banned the import of potato seeds and called for people to rely on local products. Potatoes will be subject to examination by an an ad hoc ministerial committee, according to a Ministry release on Sunday. “The decision was taken after an important meeting held by the Under Secretary of Agriculture […]

Phospate sales soar

The Industry Ministry announced that the General Company for Phosphate marketed more than 15 thousand tons of compound fertilizer in the past month. The Ministry also said the cotton industry has achieved sales of more than one billion dinars during the last month, and announced the arrival of a new machine to increase production capacity. […]

Hybrid Seed Corn Amazes Farmers

Iraqi farmers in Al Anbar Province successfully produced, harvested and sold hybrid seed corn to the Iraqi government late last year. This was the first time since the late 1970s to early 1980s that hybrid corn was produced and sold in Al Anbar Province. This was achieved with the guidance and advice of USDA Provincial […]

Vegetable Prices Soar – Imports Banned

A government ban on imports of vegetables has led to steep hikes in vegetable prices in the country. The government has issued a list of vegetables which cannot be imported in a bid to encourage farmers. Prices of items not included in the list are stable. A kilogram of tomatoes, a staple for Iraqi cuisine, […]

New ‘Dripping’ System in Wheat Production

Specialized teams in the agricultural department in Karbala have succeeded in the experimental production of wheat through the use of dripping techniques. “A research team, led by Eng. Darar Ali Hussein, has conducted the experiment on an area of more than 2 donums (1 donum =2,500 square meters),” a local media spokesperson told Aswat al-Iraq […]

Ministry Studies Market Needs

The Iraq Ministry of Agriculture has said that the domestic production of agricultural crops and eggs has started to supply a big part of the needs of the Iraqi market. A source in the Ministry said that banning the importation of some crops from neighbouring countries comes after studying the needs of the local market […]

$22m Loans from Agriculture Ministry

The ministry of agriculture announced on Wednesday that it agreed to give loans with more than 26 billion Iraqis dinars ($22m) for irrigation projects and to finance small farmers. “Agriculture Minister, Akram al-Hakim, agreed to give 1953 loans totalling more than 26 billion dinars,” said a ministry’s statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The […]