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Ministry Minimizes Farming Shortfall

The Iraqi Agriculture Ministry has been able to minimize the farming shortfall, said a high ranking official from the ministry. “This was achieved by prohibiting the import of some agricultural products,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Wednesday. He noted that governmental financial support to farmers has boosted agricultural production in Iraq. ( […]


Dhi Qar Farmers Banned from Planting Rice

The Agriculture Directorate in Dhi Qar said that it was surprised by the decision taken by the Common Agricultural Governmental Commission which banned rice agriculture in Dhi Qar province. However, earlier the government had allowed planting 7500 dunom with rice during the current season. The directorate said that the commission also banned planting rice in […]

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Lack of Water Threatens Iraq’s Long-term Stability

Reuters‘ Serena Chaudhry reports lack of water is ruining crops and farmers’ livlihoods. She cites the case of Abdullah Hasan a 50-year-old father of five from Falluja in western Anbar province who has been was forced to abandon his 50 acres of land and take a job in construction after years of drought killed off […]

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Diala Finishes Barley Harvest

Diala on Wednesday has finished the barley harvest throughout the province. “Diala has also finished around 50 percent of the wheat harvest,” a local source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He noted that wheat and barley production in Diala has increased by 100 percent compared to the last six seasons. ( Aswat Al Iraq )

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Ministry of Agriculture Works on Strategic Projects

Iraq Ministry of Agriculture intends to finish 6 strategic projects regarding the provision of seeds and cereals during the current year. A source in the Ministry said that Ma Bayn Annahrain Company for cereals is contributing in supporting the Iraqi Economy through production, industrial and marketing activities for different kinds of crops. The same source added […]

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Agricultural improvement in Wasset

The Agriculture Directorate in Wasset region has said that the production of greenhouse tomatoes reached half a kilogram for each. The directorate added that it expects Wasset to become a potatoe exporter next season after improvements in production. The Directorate said that the change for the better mainly comes as a result of using greenhouses. […]

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International Fair in Basra

An international fair for food and agricultural products opened on Monday at Basra’s International Airport. “The fair will last for four days,” a local source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He noted that 150 local and foreign firms are participating in the fair. ( Aswat Al Iraq )

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Wheat Production to Double This Year

Iraq Deputy Agriculture Minister Sobhi Al Jamili said that Iraq would double it’s wheat production this year to 2.5 million tonnes due to climatic conditions which should enable Iraq to provide half of the total wheat consumption it needs. Al Jamili said that Iraq Premier Nouri Al Maliki has approved a project submitted by the […]

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Iraq, France Sign Deal for 7 Aerial Crop Sprayers

The Iraqi agriculture ministry signed a deal with France on Thursday to purchase seven aerial crop sprayers, according to a ministry press release. “The deal is worth $30 million,” read the release as received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The contract also included training Iraqi pilots and technicians in France for the flying and maintenance […]

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Najaf Prevent Entry of Imported Tomatoes

Najaf provincial council, on Wednesday has renewed its decision to ban imported tomato crops into the province. Media Centre said that the Council of Najaf province voted unanimously to renew the Board’s recommendation No. (44) on 21/11/2009 to prevent distribution of tomato crops imported from outside the province to all outlets in the  province. This […]

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Government Slashes Iraqi Farmers’ Subsidies

The government has slashed subsidies to Iraqi wheat and barley growers, fuelling farmers’ anger across the county. Director-General of Iraq’s Grain Board, Hassan Ibrahim said the prices the government paid for wheat and barley were much higher than those prevalent on international markets. This year, wheat growers will get 650,000 Iraqi dinars ($500) instead of […]

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