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30 Girls on Stained Glass Course in Talafar

Thirty girls in Talafar have graduated on Friday from a training course in stained glass. “The girls were different ages and all were from Talafar (60 km) northwest of Mosul,” Mahdi Ghazi Ilias, a source from the course, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that during the course, experts trained the girls to develop […]

Mosul Students Protest Against Arrest of Professor

A number of students of the Mosul University’s Faculty of Engineering on Monday staged a demonstration against the arrest of a professor by army forces, according to one of the protest’s organizers. “The students demonstrated inside the campus against the arrest of Professor Omar Ahmad Youssef, without a warrant by army forces last night,” Ameer […]

23 Centers to Combat Illiteracy in Karbala

Twenty-three centers have been opened in Karbala to combat illiteracy, the province’s governor said on Sunday. “This has been done in cooperation with the education department in Karbala”, Eng. Amal al-Din al-Hir told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. A total of 600 people, including 200 women, aged between 15 and 55 years, will enroll at those […]

Loan Program for Teachers Launched in Wassit

A loan program for school teachers and education department personnel has been launched in Wassit province, a local official said on Thursday. “The program is being implemented in coordination with Al-Rafidayn Bank,” an official from the Loans Committee, Abbas Kadhem, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. Beneficiaries will be given 5 million Iraqi dinars (ID) each […]

Ministry will Appoint All Oil Graduates

The Oil Ministry has decided to appoint graduates from 2005-2009 to different oil companies throughout Iraq, Essam Jihad told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The distribution of jobs will take into consideration the nearness of the work to the graduates’ houses,” he added. “The appointments will be done in batches within the Ministry’s 2010 plan. The […]

Kurdistan Suspends Foreign Investment in Education

The government of Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region has decided to suspend foreign investment in the education sector, in an effort to tackle low standards of teaching in the semi-autonomous province, Meed has reported. “We need to sort ourselves out and put our house in order first,” Dlawer Ala’Aldeen, the minister for higher education said. The […]

Conference on Technical Education in Duhuk

The first scientific conference on vocational education in the northern Kurdistan region will be held in Duhuk in October, a local official said on Tuesday. “We have agreed to organize the first scientific conference on vocational education in Iraq’s Kurdistan region at the Technical Institute in Duhuk on October 20, 21,” the assistant chairman of […]

Japan Loan Committee Meets JICA Representatives

The Japanese loan implementation monitoring committee held a meeting with the representatives of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to lay down mechanisms and solutions for obstacles impeding projects, according to a statement by the Agricultural Initiative Department’s information office on Friday. “The meeting was attended by a representative of the Japanese embassy in Baghdad […]

Swedish University Delegation in Duhuk

A delegation comprised of students and academicians from the Swedish Lund University has visited the University of Duhuk to get acquainted with the geography of the area, an informed source said on Thursday. “The visit of the delegation, which includes 13 students and academicians, will last eight days,” Dr. Nizar Numan told Aswat al-Iraq news […]


Al- Ajili / Cooperation with Hawaii University

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Abd Thiab al- Ajili has confirmed that Iraqi Higher Education is looking forward to expanding cooperation with international universities with the  aim of making use of their expertise in developing the educational sector and other institutions in the country. During his meeting with number of professors in Hawaii […]


Tolerance International Opens Training Course in Arbil

A first-of-its-kind training course on “citizens & information technology press” was opened at the Science & Technology Academy in the city of Arbil on Friday. The two-day event, organized by Tolerance International with support from IREX organization, will be attended by 40 persons from all groups in the Iraqi societies. The training course will include […]

$6m Educational Compound in Arbil

An educational compound will be set up in Arbil City at a total cost of nearly $6 million U.S. dollars, according to an official statement. “A delegation from the South Korean government has proposed the establishment of an educational compound at a total cost of $6 million U.S. dollars…,” according to a statement published on […]