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Iraq Business News brings you the latest employment news from Iraq, highlighting the ever increasing number of available employment opportunities.

150,000 Jobs at Iraq’s Grand Faw Port

Southern Iraq’s Grand Faw Port project, recently approved by the Council of Ministers, will provide employment opportunities for 150,000, according to the National Coalition on Sunday. “The Grand Faw Terminal, approved by the Council of Ministers in 2004, is considered one of the most important projects that can achieve revenues in billions of dollars for […]

Microsoft Opens Training Centre in Baghdad

The international computer giant Microsoft opened its first training centre in Baghdad on Wednesday. The Iraqi Minister of Technology and Science, Ra’ed Fahmi, said the centre would contribute to developing Information Technology (IT) skills among the country’s workforce. During the opening ceremony held in Baghdad, the centre’s director, Ahmed Iz al-Dein, said that the centre […]


US to Hire Another 7,000 Security Contractors in Iraq

The US government will hire an additional 7,000 security contractors once Congress approves the 2011 budget. Speaking at the annual Arab-US Policymakers conference in Washington, Michael Corbin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for State for Iraq said security contractors will help “the Iraqi government improve its police department and other civil agencies.” Corbin stated that State Department […]

New Hospital Approved for Wassit

The Wassit Investment Commission (WIC) has granted an investment licence in the health sector worth more than 6 billion dinars [$5m], chairman of the WIC said on Tuesday. “The licence was given to an Iraqi investor to establish a hospital in Kut, which will include 100 beds and five surgery rooms with modern equipment,” Sadeq […]

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$60m Allocated to Training Iraqi Oil Workers

Iraq’s Oil Ministry announced on Sunday that it has allocated $60m [72 billion Iraqi dinars] from the international licensing contracts sold this year to the development of technical skills amongst Iraqi employees working in the oil sector. At a press conference in Basra, the training director of the ministry’s technical institute, Ali Rahim Fayyad, told […]

LG Supports a Korean Language Course in Erbil

Eleven young Kurds finished a two-month course to learn Korean in a program sponsored by the LG company and the Kurdish-Korean Friendship Association. The programs aim wa to enhance bilateral cultural relations. “Learning the Korean language is a major link towards understanding the culture. Teaching the Korean language to Kurdish students is definitely a step […]

BREAKING NEWS – New Opportunities at Giant Rumaila Oilfield

As our weekly newsletter goes to press, BP has just announced a major new event for contractors interested in its giant Rumaila oilfield. There will be opportunities in the areas of: Engineering and Project Management Services (EPMS); Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC); and Construction. This is hugely significant to the development of Iraq’s economy, as […]

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Tenders for $180m Contract to Overhaul Iraq’s Civil Service

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has outlined proposals in its request for bidders for a $180 million contract to set up civil service laws and regulations, and to create local institutions to deliver services to the population. The four-year program is called the “Iraq National and Provincial Administrative Reform Project”. Applications are to […]

Honeywell to Open Office in Baghdad – More to Follow

Industrial manufacturer Honeywell International said on Tuesday that it is opening a full-service office in Baghdad, and plans to open other offices in the country over the next few years. The Baghdad office will supply technology solutions such as process automation equipment to Iraq’s oil and gas industry, which is in the midst of re-construction. […]


Iraqi Institutions Support Education Reform for a Brighter Future

Representatives from the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Finance from Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government gathered in Erbil during a three-day meeting for the modernisation of the education sector in Iraq. From 23 to 25 September, 2010, UNESCO and UNICEF launched the first national workshop for education of the joint “Iraq Public Sector […]

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