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$240m Iraq Desalination Contract

$240m Iraq Desalination Contract

By John Lee.

A consortium has been awarded a $240-million engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) order from Iraq’s Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works to build pretreatment facilities at a desalination plant in Basra.

Japan’s Hitachi and Veolia Environnement of France have won $100 million of the total, with Egyptian engineering firm ArabCo getting the rest for civil engineering, construction, and on- site installation work.

Construction is scheduled to begin in immediately, with completion scheduled for April 2017.

The pretreatment facilities include surrounding river water intake facilities and water transport networks, for which he Japanese government has provided loan assistance.

According to WaterWorld, the contract is an addition to an earlier EPC and five-year operation and maintenance deal, won by the Franco-Japanese consortium, for the Basra plant.

The Basra reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plant will be the largest facility of its kind in Iraq, capable of supplying drinking water at 199,000 m3/d.

(Sources: Desalination & Water Reuse, WaterWorld)

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Iraq Seeks to Increase Electricity Imports

Iraq Seeks to Increase Electricity Imports

By John Lee.

Iraq’s new Minister of Electricity, Qasim Mohammad Abid Hammadi al-Fahadawi [Qassim al-Fahdawi] (pictured), is to travel to Iran on Tuesday to hold talks on electricity imports.

At a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Hamid Chitchian, the Minister will also discuss the expansion of economic ties between Tehran and Baghdad.

In 2013, the two sides agreed to increase electricity exports from Iran to Iraq by 500 megawatts.

Tasnim News Agency reports that Iranian companies have so far completed 10 projects in Iraq in the area of water and electricity, and another 27 projects valued at $1.245 billion (1.45 trillion Iraqi dinars) are still in progress.

(Source: Tasnim News Agency)

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GE’s to Provide Turbines to Iraq

GE’s to Provide Turbines to Iraq

GE (NYSE: GE) has signed a contract with ENKA to supply power generation equipment for a new 750-megawatt (MW) combined-cycle plant being developed by Qaiwan Group in Iraq.

GE will provide four 9E gas turbines and one steam turbine for a new power plant in Sulaimaniyah to support the government’s goal of strengthening the electricity infrastructure in the Kurdistan region.

GE has played a key role in supporting the region’s focus on providing uninterrupted power for its people and driving industrial growth. Through its regional partnerships, GE’s turbines support more than 90 percent of the electricity generated in the Kurdistan region, supplying nearly 20 hours of electricity a day.

The new power plant in Bazyan marks the fourth power project that GE is supporting with its heavy-duty gas turbine technologies in the region.

The Erbil, Sulaiymaniyah and Dohuk plants, powered by 24 GE 9E gas turbines, produce more than 3,000 MW, the equivalent to the required annual energy needs of approximately 3 million households in Iraq. The Bazyan plant will help deliver power to an additional 750,000 households.

Saad Hassan, CEO of Qaiwan Company, said:

“The Bazyan power plant is expected to address the growing demand for power in the Kurdistan region. Our objective is to enhance its operations through a combined-cycle plant with reliable and advanced technologies that contribute to greater efficiency in the long run. GE’s gas and steam turbines are an ideal fit to our requirements.”

Fehmi Bayramoglu, member of the executive committee, ENKA said:

“The Bazyan project is one of our key contracts in the region, which we are committed to developing as per an aggressive project schedule. Having worked with GE on three earlier projects in the region, we are confident of the additional value that the company’s technologies bring to the project.”

Mohammed Mohaisen, CEO, GE Power Generation Products and Services Sales, Middle East and North Africa said:

“With over 40 years of presence in Iraq, GE is committed to supporting its developmental goals to build a strong electricity infrastructure. Our contract for the Bazyan power plant is the fourth with ENKA in this region, highlighting the trust of our partners in delivering advanced technologies that strengthen the efficiency of power projects. GE’s gas and steam turbines will assist in enhancing plant operations that support the rapidly growing industrial area of Bazyan.”

(Source: GE)

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Electricity Minister Meets with US Ambassador

Electricity Minister Meets with US Ambassador

By John Lee.

Iraq’s Electricity Minister, Qassim Fahdawi [Qassim al-Fahdawi], has met the American ambassador Stuart E Jones to discuss the participation of American companies in developing the country’s electricity infrastructure.

In addition to possible new sources of gas for electricity generation, the Minister also pointed out the opportunities available in renewable energy, including solar and wind.

The meeting as also attended by the Chairman of Anbar Provincial Council.

(Source: Ministry of Electricity)

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Enka Wins $4.5bn Power Plant Deal

Enka Wins $4.5bn Power Plant Deal

By John Lee.

Turkish construction giant Enka has reportedly struck a deal with the Iraqi government to build two natural gas combined cycle plants in Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah.

The two projects combined are expected to provide 3,000 megawatts to the Iraqi grid.

According to the report from Daily Sabah, the deal, covering the construction of the plants, has an estimated value of around $4.5 billion [5.2 trillion Iraqi dinars].

Enka currently has four other construction projects in northern Iraq.

(Source: Daily Sabah)

[Picture: Enka project at West Qurna-2]

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New JV Provides Consultancy to Babil Governorate

New JV Provides Consultancy to Babil Governorate

By John Lee.

Mantid International has formed a joint venture with architecture and engineering consulting firms Laceco and Allen & Shariff Consortio International to provide full service consulting services to the Governorate of Babil.

The MLA joint venture was awarded the contract for $10.6 million, renewable for four years. The team will be responsible for implementation and oversight of the 2014 investment plan for the province, as well as developing the strategic plan for 2015-2020.

Training for Babil Governorate personnel in a wide array of specialties—from contracting to professional mentoring —will also be conducted.

Ginger Cruz, CEO of Mantid International, commented:

Mantid and our partners Laceco and Allen & Shariff Consortio International, are inspired by the vision of Governor Sadiq Madlol al Sultani and his desire to advance development for the people of Babil Province …

“Together, we hope to create an environment that will attract business and investors, both local and international, to begin rebuilding the province so that its two million residents and future generations will enjoy a better quality of life.

LACECO, a multi-disciplinary Beirut, Lebanon-based A&E consulting services firm will spearhead the technical program, deploying teams overseeing master planning and engineering services.

Allen & Shariff Consortio International will bring significant resources to the project including supporting contracting program development, training in the United States, and program quality assurance.

(Source: Mantid International)

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City Master Planning in Iraq

City Master Planning in Iraq

By John Lee.

The Guardian has recently run a feature on Garsdale Design, a family business based in Yorkshire, England, who have been working on projects in Iraq since 2007.

The business is led by father and son team Eliot and Derrick, who have used cutting edge 3d modelling software to make plans for cities in southern Iraq, including Kut, Nasiriyah and Kufa.

The company mostly work remotely, but have also worked with a number of Iraqis over the years to transfer concepts such as “smart cities” to Iraq and ensure the continuation of planning when the company move on to other projects.

It is this close relationship with Iraqis that the company has built up that has given Eliot Hartley confidence in Iraq’s future. Hartley concluded the interview by noting,

“Especially now that a new government is being formed, our principal contacts believe that Iraq will stay together.Iraq has such a capacity to be a great nation and I hope the people I have met can be supported to achieve that.”

(Source: The Guardian)

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Vital Infrastructure Falls to Militants

Vital Infrastructure Falls to Militants

By Patrick M Schmidt.

Despite relative success in stemming the advance of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants, Kurdish security forces faced their first major defeat on Thursday.

Sources report that Kurdish security forces have been forced to withdraw and that the vital Mosul Dam now lays under control of the extremists. The dam poses a safety risk to those Iraqis living in the flood plain, but also represents a means of income for ISIL.

The dam was also a focus point for almost $30 million USD during the American occupation. ISIL continues to fight for control of Iraq’s second largest dam, Haditha Dam, in Anbar province.

Kurdish forces had previously been successful in preventing the advance of ISIL militants. Kurdish security forces are not equipped to deal with ISIL militants, who are believed to be using captured American-grade military equipment that was left behind by Iraqi security forces.

(Source: New York Times)

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