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Weekly Security Update for 1st March 2012

After weeks of declining violence in February, the number of attacks rose once again in Iraq over the last week of the month. At least 53 people were killed and 245 injured in nationwide incidents, which is moderately high, albeit not as high as the figures of over 100 recorded fatalities in some of the […]

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Transparency and Integrity Board Launched in Kurdistan

The establishment of a new transparency board to promote integrity and anti-corruption practises in Kurdistan was announced on this week, according to AKnews. The so-called Transparency Development and Impeachment Board will investigate government conduct, identify shortcomings and inform the relative bodies. Husam Barzinji [Hisam Hakim Barzinji], the General director of the Kurdistan Economic Development Organization, […]

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Weekly Security Update for 22nd February 2012

There was a fall in the number of attacks recorded in Iraq last week, but the death toll was nonetheless higher than normal following a mass-casualty suicide attack targeting a police academy in Baghdad. In total, at least 45 people were killed and 74 injured in nationwide incidents, of which 19 were killed and 29 […]

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Al-Qaeda Believed to be Behind Iraqi Dinar Racket

AKnews reports that businesses and currency traders are rejecting 10,000 dinar notes because of rumours about the increasing spread of counterfeit currency. Government sources said last year that an estimated 7 billion dinars worth of forged 10,000 notes came into Iraq from Iran. The fake currency is said to is said to be of high […]

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US Embassy: Arms Deals are Transparent, Trusted, and On Track

Despite recent news reports to the contrary, U.S. arms sales to Iraq under the U.S. government’s “Foreign Military Sales” program are completely transparent and accountable, and the sale of army tanks is no exception. The U.S. Embassy emphatically denies a Tuesday report in Al-Dustour newspaper that quoted a “Parliamentary Source” as saying that tanks purchased […]


150 Foreign Companies Pursued over Oil-for-Food Program

Fadel Mohammed, legal adviser to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, has said that the Iraqi government is currently pursuing more than 150 foreign companies accused of corruption in the UN’s Oil-for-Food program. AKnews reports that the government is determined to bring these companies to justice, adding that there are several other companies under investigation. The Oil-for-Food […]

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Iraqi Deputy PM Opposes ‘Threats’ Against Oil Companies

The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Rosh Shaways [Rowsch Shaways], has asked government officials to stop threatening oil companies that are operating in Iraqi Kurdistan, according to Bloomberg. “These statements will give a negative picture to investors and violate the state’s public policy of opening the economy and promoting investments in all fields,” […]

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Leighton may be Expelled from Iraq

Iraq has threatened to expel Leighton Holdings from the country’s lucrative oil and gas fields, following the company’s announcement on Monday of an investigation into possible corruption. The deputy head of the Iraqi Oil Ministry’s petroleum contracts and licensing directorate, Sabah Al-Saidi, told The Australian Financial Review he was shocked by claims that Leighton Holdings […]

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Weekly Security Update for 15th February 2012

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week. At least 19 people were killed and 55 injured in nationwide incidents. This is a relatively low figure for the country. There was a decline in bombings and shootings countrywide. There were no suicide bombings or abductions reported, although a woman was rescued from captivity during a […]

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BAE Systems Wins $31m Iraq Deal to Refurbish APCs

BAE Systems in partnership with the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) are refurbishing 440 M113A2 armored personnel carriers for Iraq through a foreign military sales contract worth more than $31 million. “The M113 refurbishment will give the Iraqi Army a capability which is relevant to a variety of threat environments,” said Joe McCarthy, vice president and […]

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Leighton Alerts Police to Possible Bribery in Iraq

Leighton Holdings Limited (Leighton) has announced that it has reported to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) a possible breach of its Code of Ethics that, if substantiated, may contravene Australian laws. The possible breach related to payments that may have been made by Leighton’s subsidiary company, Leighton Offshore Pte. Limited, in connection with work to […]

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Maliki Calls on Korea to Supply Arms

Premier Nouri al-Maliki called on South Korea to provide Iraq with military training planes, as well cooperation in other armaments, according to Aswat al-Iraq. During his meeting with South Korean State Minister for Military Industries, Nu D Lee, Maliki called for activation of all contracts signed with the Korean side, in addition to supporting projects […]

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