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Subsea Team Secures Crucial Pipelines

Subsea excavation specialists Marin Group recently played a key role in clearing unexploded ordnance from the route of three new pipelines crucial to Iraq’s future oil exports, according to an article in Maritime Journal. Operating company Marin Subsea Ltd was contracted by UK based Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC), which had been awarded overall […]

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Former Innospec Exec in Court on Corruption Charges

Dr David Turner appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, England, on Tuesday. He is charged with alleged offences of conspiring to make corrupt payments to public officials in Indonesia and Iraq to secure contracts for Innospec Ltd for the supply of its products. He is also charged with conspiring to defraud a competitor company […]

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Sadr Demands Resistance against the US Embassy in Baghdad

The following article was published by Reidar Visser, an historian of Iraq educated at the University of Oxford and currently based at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. It is reproduced here with the author’s permission. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. […]

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Ex-CEO Charged with Iraq Billing Fraud

Reuters reports that the former head of a New Jersey-based engineering consulting firm was charged with leading a scheme to overbill the U.S. government by hundreds of millions of dollars for international reconstruction contracts, including work in Iraq and Afghanistan. Derish Wolff, former president and chief executive of Louis Berger Group Inc is reported to […]

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Five “Directors” Accused of Corruption

Five unspecified “directors” are suspected of corruption in electricity contracts, the parliamentary Investigative Commission said today. According to the report from AKnews, the Committee did not say if these “directors” are employed by the government, nor did it specify what exactly the “directors” are directing, but committee member Uday Awwad said that the “directors” received […]


Weekly Security Update for 19th October 2011

At least 76 people were killed and 184 injured in nationwide attacks in Iraq last week. This is a rise from the previous week and largely attributable to a series of attacks in Baghdad. A series of bombing and suicide attacks targeting the police in the capital left numerous people dead on 12 October. The […]

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The NGO that Wasn’t: Bogus Charities Collecting Billions

Previously NGOs were seen as critical to Iraq’s reconstruction efforts. But numbers have dwindled. And not everyone is sad to see them go – many were fakes, siphoning funds, engaged in corruption and deceiving locals, according to this report from Niqash. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the […]


Weekly Security Update for 12th October 2011

Levels of violence fell slightly in Iraq over the past week, with incidents concentrated in Baghdad, Mosul, and an arc stretching from Taji in Salah ad-Din province to Ba’qubah in Diyala province. Ta’mim province also saw a scattering of incidents while there was at least one successful attack and one prevented in Basrah province. The […]

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Parliament Speaker Investigated for Corruption

Iranian news agency FARS reports that senior Iraqi officials have launched a probe into corruption accusations against the country’s parliament speaker, Osama al-Nujaifi. Media reports in Iraq have leveled several corruption accusations against al-Nujaifi in recent days, and questioned the source of the $600,000 he has spent on repairing his house. Some Iraqi officials have […]

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Bombs hit Rumaila Oil Pipelines

Reuteres reports that a senior Iraqi oil ministry official said on Friday that two bombs hit pipeline networks transporting crude from Iraq’s giant Rumaila oilfield. The impact on production from Rumaila was not immediately clear, but firefighters were working to put out blazes caused by the blasts. (Source: Reuters) (Picture: an oil pipeline at Rumaila)

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Colorado Pulls Plug on Dinar Promoter

The Colorado Securities Commission has ordered a company promoting speculation in Iraqi dinars, and its director, to stop soliciting investors in Colorado. The commission entered a cease-and-desist order on Thursday against AmIraq Fund LLP, general manager BB&M International Corp, and William Burbank, who serves as CEO and managing director of both companies. The order prohibits them […]

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