Allawi U-Turn on Oil Contracts?

The al-Iraqiya political coalition, which includes prime-ministerial candidate Ayad Allawi, has stated its objection to the outgoing government’s rounds of licensing gas and oil investments by foreign companies, regarding them as breaching the constitution and violating the law, according to a report from AKnews. This might expose the Ministry’s officials to legal accountability by the […]

$3bn Iraq/US F-16 Deal at Risk?

The Iraqi government announced on Monday that it no longer has the authority to contract for the major F-16 aircraft deal that we reported on just two weeks ago, according to Alsumaria News. While stressing the need for Iraq to have a strong air force to protect its sovereignty, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told […]

British Companies Targeting Kurdistan

The largest ever British trade delegation to visit the Kurdistan Region last week participated in Erbil International Fair. The delegation was lead by Sir Andrew Cahn, the Chief Executive of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), the British government department that spearheads international trade with the UK. The mission comprised 53 representatives from 39 British companies […]

Row Continues Over Fate of Maaqal Port

The director of the Media Department of the Iraqi Ports Directorate said on Sunday that the ports department had studied the possibility of closing Maqel [Maaqal] port, but concluded that it is not feasible because of the large financial revenues generated by the port and the ease of transfer of goods through it. Anmar al-Safi […]

Sri Lanka to Strike Crude Oil Deal with Iraq

Sri Lanka’s state-run oil company Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has concluded talks with iraq’s State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) to buy crude oil from Iraq. Speaking to the Asian Tribune , the Deputy Director General of SOMO, Majed Kadhim Yousif, who was in Sri Lanka to attend the seventh session of Sri Lanka-Iraq Joint Committee […]

Sonoro Energy Teams Up with Inglett & Stubbs in Iraq

Sonoro Energy (TSX-V: SNV) announced on Monday that it has formed a strategic alliance with Inglett & Stubbs International whereby Inglett will support the execution of certain operations in Salah ad Din, Republic of Iraq. Inglett has developed advanced design and building procedures that allow them to efficiently manage the most technically complex construction projects […]

Governor of Erbil to speak at Tufts University, Massachusetts

The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, The Program on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization, Gordon Institute, and Institute for Global Leadership cordially invite you to attend a talk by Mr Nawzad Hadi Mawlood, the Governor of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq: “Challenges and Opportunities for Redevelopment in Erbil, Iraq” By […]

Reopening of Sazan Border Crossing Abandoned

Halabja’s deputy mayor said Iran has rejected reopening the Sazan border crossing, located near Halabja in Sulaimaniya province. In a statement to AKnews on Sunday, the deputy mayor, Goran Adham, quoted the Iranian consul to Sulaimaniya as saying that an Iranian committee visited the crossing and voiced their reluctance to open the gate again. All […]

Confusion, Contradiction and Irony: The Iraqi Media in 2010

After the fall of Baghdad on April 9, 2003, Iraq’s news media environment transformed almost overnight from the tightly controlled propaganda arm of Saddam Hussein’s rule into one of the most diverse and unrestricted news environments in the Middle East. Built in an atmosphere of chaos and conflict, Iraq’s media landscape now reflects the ethno‐sectarian […]