Iran to Set Up Exclusive Expo in Iraq

Iran’s first exclusive fair in Iraq’s city of Najaf will kick off on April 14, Iran’s commercial attaché to Iraq said. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting quoted Mehdi Nejatnia as saying that 53 Iranian firms will showcase their latest products and achievements in the fields of food, agriculture, technical and engineering, trade, and medical […]

174 Permits granted for New Industrial Projects

A National press center authorized resource said that the projects were granted 28 billions, 456 million dinars. He added “the projects cover many different industrial, wooden ,paper , chemical, plastics, construction, basic metal, fabricated metal manufacturing and textile sectors.” He pointed “DGID granted 23 certificates to complete the establishment of industrial, condition complied, projects.” While […]

Ministry Plans 200 Low-cost Houses

The ministry disclosed the plans of building 200 low-cost houses in Karbala province, cooperating with Red-Crescent Association. A statement from the national media center confirmed that the minister, Riadh Ghereeb, and Red-Crescent Association chairman, Yasin Al-mamoory, are discussing the building of these houses in Karbala. The source pointed out that starting a  small village is […]

Management Changes at Zain Group

The Zain Group, the Middle East’s leading mobile network provider, announced today that the management of its Iraq operation, Zain Iraq, will henceforth fall under the direct supervision of the Group’s Chief Executive, Mr Nabeel Bin Salamah. The former Zain Iraq CEO, Mr Ali Al Dahwi, has been appointed special advisor on Iraq for the […]

Economic Agreement with Lebanon

Iraq government spokesman Al Dabbagh said that the Cabinet agreed to give the Minister of Finance the power to negotiate and sign a draft resolution to activate and protect mutual investments between Iraq and Lebanon. Al Dabbagh added that the agreement includes 12 items. It stipulates that each of the contracting parties guarantees fair treatment […]

Iraq-Turkey Trade Up 50 Percent in Past Year

Trade between Turkey and Iraq increased by 50 percent to $9 billion in 2009, an Ankara official told reporters on Saturday in Erbil, capital of Iraq’s autonomous northern region. “The volume of commercial exchange between Iraq and Turkey in 2009 was $9 billion, and in the same year Turkish companies signed investment deals worth a […]

Agricultural Projects to Promote Reality

Government intends establish many new agricultural projects especially those on reclamation land that suffers drought. Government agricultural advisor Yassin Al Moulah said that the government stressed the need for activation of laws and conventions, that would develop agricultural reality in a country which suffers many problems.” Adding that the agricultural initiative will revive economic normality […]

50 Schools for Missan

Local officials in Missan announced the start of work to build 50 elementary schools in the province at a cost of more than 13 billion Iraqi dinars as part of the Marshes Recovery Budget 2010. “A consortium of local companies embarked on building 50 prefab elementary schools all over Missan at a cost of 13.250 […]

Al Najaf Airport Closed Until Further Notice

Al Najaf airport supervisor Sadek Al Labban said that the airport will stay closed until further notice while the current administration of the airport affiliated to Al Najaf local government refuses to give the right of management to Iraq Ministry of Transportation considering that it is an investment project. Official authorities had closed Baghdad and […]

Green Belt Round Ramadi City

Community service in Anbar province has began a campaign to create a green belt around Ramadi city, to reduce the impact of dust storms in the city. Head of municipality,Engineer Abdullah Fadhil ,said that it’s in the interest of citizens. to establish a green belt around the city. Adviser to Anbar Governor , Sadek Jamel […]

Maysan Expects Electricity 500 mw load

Director of electricity distribution in Maysan , Faleh Hadi Alwan, has said that the highest power load this summer, will be up to 500 megawatts, adding that the national network provides a good share of electricity to the province at the present time. Alwan said that misuse of the electricity network is one of the […]