WesternZagros Update on Kurdamir-1 Operations

WesternZagros Resources Ltd has successfully retrieved the upper 450 metres portion of the parted drill string at the Kurdamir-1 well. Following thorough testing of the blow-out preventers, snubbing operations are now underway to recover the remaining 2,400 metres of drill string. This operation is expected to take approximately 20 days. Total costs of Kurdamir-1 to […]

Kurdistan Prepares to Export Gas via Turkey

The Kurdistan Regional Government is preparing to export natural gas to Europe via Turkey and the Nabucco project, Turkish Hurriyet Daily News said on Tuesday. “After failing to agree with the central government in Baghdad over the sale of oil and gas, northern Iraq’s administration is now preparing to export natural gas to Europe via […]

Shell to Award Deals to Develop Iraq’s Oil Fields

Shell and its Iraqi state partner are in the process of awarding a deal to drill new oil wells at the super giant Majnoon oil field in southern Iraq, the head of Iraq’s state-run South Oil Co., Dhiaa Jaafar, said on Tuesday. Dow Jones reports that Shell, which partnered Malaysia’s state-run Petronas to develop Majnoon, […]

Safety Standards in Iraqi Oil Refineries

“The Iraqi Oil ministry is applying environmental safety standards in all refineries and it will stop using all substances that are harmful to health and the environment by finding alternatives,” the spokesman of the Iraqi oil ministry said on Tuesday. “The Oil Ministry is implementing all requirements for environmental safety in Iraqi refineries, and the […]

Private Sector Development Conference in Erbil

A conference on Private Sector Development in Iraq opened on Tuesday in Erbil’s Sa’ed Abdullah Hall. The two-day conference is hosted jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Erbil Governorate. Simon Marinso, UNDP Coordinator for Private Sector Development in Iraq told AK News that 30 Directors General from all Kurdistan Ministries have attended […]

Turkey’s Construction Sector Focuses on Iraq

The increase in construction projects in Iraq is considered a positive indicator for Turkey’s construction sector in the coming years, according to a report from World Bulletin. A report by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade (Export Development Research Center) said the construction and contracting sectors have entered a rapid growth phase in Iraq. The report […]

Muthanna to Learn from Kurdistan’s Development

A delegation from Muthanna Province has arrived to Sulaimaniyah to get acquainted with the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region, the Sulaimaniyah Press Secretary reported on Wednesday. “The delegation, headed by Ibrahim Suleiman, visited Sulaimaniyah, in order to see the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region,” Twana Ali Kamal said. They visited the Bazyani cement […]

UK Travel Management Company is First to Open Offices in Iraq

CT Business Travel will be the first UK travel management company to open offices in Iraq. It will organise business travel to Iraq and provide local support to help minimise the risk to UK companies who are involved in re-building and improving Iraq’s infrastructure. Corporate travel specialists CT Business Travel has operated a number of […]

Iraq’s Risks and Rewards

The visit to Iraq last weekend by US Vice-President, Joseph Biden, may help to accelerate the process of forming the next government, but the frustrating delays in reaching an agreement highlight the risks of doing business in ‘frontier’ countries. Often, though, our perception of risk can be out of step with reality, and what appears […]

Lukoil Allocates $5 Billion to West Qurna

According to a report from Bloomberg, OAO Lukoil, Russia’s largest non- state oil producer, allocated $5 billion to finance the West Qurna-2 project in Iraq. The funds were provided as a loan to its Lukoil Mid-East Ltd. unit exclusively for the Iraq project, spokesman Dmitry Dolgov said. The loan matures at the end of 2030, […]