Iranian Consul Meets with Basra Council

The deputy head of the Basra council, Ahmed al-Sulaity, met with the Iranian consul to discuss plans for future cooperation in the areas of power and water, according to an official statement. “Throughout the meeting views have been exchanged concerning cooperation between Basra province and the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to achieve the […]

6,600 Apartments to Be Built in Basra

The investment commission in Basra has announced a project to build 552 housing units in Basra’s Faw district, the head of the commission said on Monday. “Each unit is made up of three stories and 12 apartments of 100 square meters each”, Haydar Ali told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. A theme park project will also […]

Foreign Investment Continues, as Lukoil Announces Plans

Foreign direct investment continues in Iraq as the pace picks up on the rehabilitation of the country’s infrastructure and economic base.  Russian-based LuKoil is to drill its first exploration well at Iraq West Qurna 2.  Mr. Vagit Alekperov CEO of LUKoil said that Russia’s largest privately held oil company, LUKoil, “[will] start drilling the first […]

Loan Limit Increased to Farmers in Kirkuk

The loan limit to farmers in Kirkuk has been increased to ID250 million. “Loan amounts depend on the farming project,” Mahdi Mubarak, the Kirkuk agriculture director, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Monday. He noted that the loan is given by the Iraqi government, and covers 80 percent of project’s cost. “Farmers will pay no […]

1st International Commercial Conference Opens in Karbala Karbala, 13 April 2010 ( Aswat Al Iraq )

The first international commercial conference was opened on Monday by the Karbala Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of the Indian ambassador to Baghdad and the Karbala governor. “Our embassy will do its best to improve investment operations in Iraq and Karbala” said the Indian ambassador. “This investment conference is one of a series to […]

Oldest Petrol Station in Karbala Opens

The oldest petrol station in Karbala City reopened on Monday, according to a local official. “Karbala’s Governor Amal al-Din al-Hir opened the project, located 1.5 km south of Imam al-Hussein’s shrine,” the head of the oil products department in Karbala, Hussein al-Kharsan, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. Work on the project took nearly four months […]

E-Government Conf. Kicks off in Arbil

A private conference on the application of electronic systems in governmental institutions began in the city of Arbil on Monday with the participation of Kurdistan region’s Prime Minister Barham Saleh and minister of technology and science Raed Fahmi. “The three-day conference highlights the importance of applying an e-government system in the state’s institutions to ease […]