Najaf Council Bans Transportation Ministry

The Najaf Provincial Council has decided on Sunday to ban dealings with the Iraqi Transportation Minister Amir Abduljabbar and his Ministry. “The decision was made because the minister has an anti-Najaf policy,” a media source from the council told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He noted that the Najaf Provincial Council will file legal petitions to […]

US Charity provides ID90m for Water Project in Talafar

A project to extend a water network in al-Jazirah neighborhood in southern Talafar district, western Mosul, at a total cost of 92 million Iraqi dinars was finalized on Sunday, the mayor said. “The three-km-long project to increase the drinking water network was finalized today (May 23). It has been made possible through finance from a […]

US Troops for Reconstruction Projects

Reconstruction and rehabilitation projects have started once again in Anbar region after a relatively stable security level which helped to complete important service projects to provide water filtering and refining stations. US reconstruction teams played an important role in the projects through  planning, financing and implementation. 7 water storage tanks have been built in Hit, […]

Nineveh to Start Development

Nineveh governor Athil Al Nujaifi said that the province has started to implement this year’s provincial development after Ministry of Planning approval. Work will start after contractors submit their bids. The projects have been approved by the Provincial council and submitted to the Ministry of Planning which ratified the majority of them. ( Al SumariaTV […]

Chinese Play for Closer Ties with Arabia

The Chinese deputy Foreign Minister, Zhaijob, told an Arab foreign ministers meeting in China that his country is now the third economic power in the world but it needs time to face the big challenges of restoration despite the fact that his country could double its domestic product. . Zhaijob said that China placed high […]

Wheat Production to Double This Year

Iraq Deputy Agriculture Minister Sobhi Al Jamili said that Iraq would double it’s wheat production this year to 2.5 million tonnes due to climatic conditions which should enable Iraq to provide half of the total wheat consumption it needs. Al Jamili said that Iraq Premier Nouri Al Maliki has approved a project submitted by the […]

ISX Trading Hits ID23b

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) trading this week hit 23.252 billion Iraqi dinars (roughly $19.8 million), mostly through deals over the North Bank as new members joint its board of directors. The national capital market traded over 13.133 billion shares worth 23.252 billion dinars through 1215 deals with non-Iraqi investors grabbing 88 purchase deals worth […]

Iraqi Capital Migration and the Call for Investment

There are no precise statistics about the volume of Iraqi capital which has been transferred outside Iraq by businessmen and by migrating Iraqi citizens. Emad Kadhim who works as a textile salesman talked about the problem saying this phenomenon started with the beginning of Iraqi-Iranian war and its aftermath. He added that it increased after […]

CBI Sells $737 Million This Week

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) dollar sales in auctions for this week increased slightly to $737.394 million compared to $735.659 million last week. “The demand hit $26.760 million in cash, covered at an exchange rate of 1,183 Iraqi dinars per dollar, compared to last week’s $34.230 million, while foreign transfers outside the country registered […]


After meeting an Iraqi man, Ustaath Karim, on the street in Baghdad, Ryan wants to ask for directions. Ryan:    Tigdar tgulli wehn finduq  Baghdad, bya shari’? Qariib minna? راين: تِگدَر تگولي وین فِندُق بَغداد بيا شارِع؟ قریب منا؟ Ryan:  Can you tell me where Baghdad Hotel is, on which                                                    street?  Is it close to here? […]

Iraq, France Sign Deal for 7 Aerial Crop Sprayers

The Iraqi agriculture ministry signed a deal with France on Thursday to purchase seven aerial crop sprayers, according to a ministry press release. “The deal is worth $30 million,” read the release as received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The contract also included training Iraqi pilots and technicians in France for the flying and maintenance […]

Free Hotline for Child Rescue in Kurdistan

As part of its agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Iraqi region of Kurdistan, Asiacell, the large private Iraqi company announced the launch of the first free hotline for the Children’s Rescue Center in coordination with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in an effort to aid abused children in the […]