Khuzestan Exports $421m to Iraq

In the eleven-month period ending February 19 over 1.5 million tons of goods worth some $421 were exported to Iraq from Khuzestan Province, southwest of Iran. The director of Khuzestan Province Customs Administration, Abbas Alidadi, told ISNA news agency that the goods are 216 percent heavier and 127 percent more in value compared to the […]

OPEC Production Level Hits 14-month High

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) crude oil supply rose in February to the highest in 14 months led by Angola and Saudi Arabia, a Reuters survey showed, further reducing compliance with output targets. Supply from the 11 members of OPEC with output targets, all except Iraq, is averaging 26.80 million barrels per […]

Iraq Unlikely to Meet Oil Target

“Iraq continues to grapple with some very serious problems. I will be surprised if they are able to achieve a supply level of 10 to 12 million barrels a day in a foreseeable future,” Herman T Franssen, President of International Energy Associates, a Washington-based company.

Baghdad 2010 Redevelopment Budget Hits $1 Billion

Azzaman reports that Baghdad’s governor, Salah Abdulrazzaq, has earmarked nearly $1 billion this year to redevelop the city. 40 percent of this budget will go to cover projects started in the past two years that were not completed. The governor said many projects were not finished because the Iraqi contractors working on them failed to […]

Middle Euphrates Airport Will Provide Thousands of Jobs

Minister Amir Abdul-Jabbar during his speech on the occasion of laying the foundations ceremony at the airport of the Middle Euphrates south of Karbala that the department “of the Middle Euphrates Airport is a vital project and important feature in Iraq and will be the pride of Iraqis,” adding that the cost of the airport, […]

South Korea Regains Its Investment Role in Iraq

During the Korean delegation’s visit, they discussed investment opportunities in the areas of industrial energy and military infrastructure as well as in the field of knowledge … particularly that Iraq needs large-scale projects in the field of electric power and industrial sectors. As well as in the housing sector should also be cooperation in the […]