Iraq’s Oil Reserves to be Revised Upwards

Iraq’s oil sector is changing, and so could the identity of the man in charge. Asked if he hoped to keep his post as the minister of oil in the next Iraqi government, Dr Hussain al Shahristani said he would be happy to step aside. “I wouldn’t try to stay unless I was forced to […]

30 Girls on Stained Glass Course in Talafar

Thirty girls in Talafar have graduated on Friday from a training course in stained glass. “The girls were different ages and all were from Talafar (60 km) northwest of Mosul,” Mahdi Ghazi Ilias, a source from the course, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that during the course, experts trained the girls to develop […]

Importance of Joint Oil Agreements – Expert

Oil expert Abduljabar al-Halafi on Friday highlighted the importance of signing an agreement to benefit from potential oilfields between Iraq and neighboring countries. “There are no joint oilfields between Iraq and neighboring countries, but there are potential geographic reserves on borders,” al-Halafi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The use of any part of these oilfields […]

Iraq Pushes Boeing for New Aircraft

Iraq’s ministry of transport is pressing Boeing to pull forward its scheduled to deliver of 55 new aircraft the state-owned Iraqi Airways. The fleet of 55 new Boeing 737s, 777s and 787s are not due to arrive until 2013, but they are hoping to get some delivered this year. Currently the airline owns just four […]

People, Liabilities & Assets: Risk Management in Iraq

While much of the rest of the world is still taking tentative steps forward in its recovery from a global economic crisis, some industries and regions are already making strides in the right direction.  Anglo-Arab Insurance Broker’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Robert Edwards, surveys the risk-transfer buying patterns of the energy industry in some of […]

Iran to Open Bank in Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq has given permission to the Parsian and Karafarin Iranian banks to open offices in Baghdad, according to local agency reports. The banks were given a month to determine the place of offices and to transfer their capital to Iraq. ( Trend )

Irregularities Uncovered in Salah al-Din Council

The Board of Supreme Audit has discovered financial irregularities in the Salah al-Din provincial council, an official statement said on Thursday. This came during a session headed by the board’s president, Abdulbaset Turkey, to discuss the 2009 financial statements of the council, according to a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. The session has […]

Banks Cancel Holiday

The state-run banks in Thi-Qar province have canceled their Saturday holiday and extended their working hours until 05:00 p.m. in an attempt to serve more clients. This decision came after Governor Taleb al-Hassan had met with retired people who were queuing for a long wait to receive their salaries, according to a statement released by […]