Ministry of Agriculture Works on Strategic Projects

Iraq Ministry of Agriculture intends to finish 6 strategic projects regarding the provision of seeds and cereals during the current year. A source in the Ministry said that Ma Bayn Annahrain Company for cereals is contributing in supporting the Iraqi Economy through production, industrial and marketing activities for different kinds of crops. The same source added […]

Iraq to Sign Transportation Agreement with Qatar

Ali al-Dabbagh, the official spokesperson of the Iraqi government has said that the transportation minister has been authorised by the cabinet to sign an aviation transportation agreement with Qatar, Aswat al-Iraq has reported. The agreement aims to overcome difficulties and delays in aviation transportation between the two countries, he said. ( AME Info FZ LLC […]

Swedish Minister Leads Delegation to Kurdistan

Sweden’s Trade Minister Dr Ewa Björling led a large trade delegation in an exploration of the commercial potential of the Kurdistan Region today. Minister Björling said, “It is fantastic to be back here and to see all the improvements, and to discover how many people still speak Swedish. For the trade delegation, this is a […]

Iran Fire May Blaze for Six Months

Fire fighting officials are predicting that  an Iranian oil rig fire may take as long as six months to put out.Three workers were killed and at least 10 injured. The fire broke out at well number 24 at the Naft Shahr oil field on Saturday. It is in Kermanshah province bordering Iraq.

Germany Opens Industry and Commerce Office in Erbil

Germany’s Deputy Minister for Trade and Investment Dr. Karl Ernest Brauner this week opened Germany’s Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce in Erbil in an effort to further facilitate trade with the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. During his visit to Erbil, Dr. Brauner also met with President Masoud Barzani who welcomed the decision to launch […]

Iraqi Educators Take Note of US Springfield Institution

Five Iraqi educators touring an English teaching facility on Wednesday, met with admission officers for international students and learned about technical education in the Ozarks, Missouri, USA. “It’s very suitable for our students to be here. The Iraqis will be comfortable studying and learning here,” concluded Sabah N. Alwachi, director of international cultural relations at […]

Basra Endorses 49 Service Projects

The Basra Provincial Council on Saturday endorsed 49 service projects in the fields of health and water at a total cost of 130 billion Iraqi dinars (ID), financed from oil proceeds and border outlet revenues in the province, according to the council’s deputy chairman. “The council approved 27 water projects at 88.6 billion dinars and […]

ISX to Launch a New System by Next Month

The Director of the Iraqi Stock Exchande (ISX), Taha Ahmed Abdulsalam, said on Saturday that the ISX will launch a new general indicator for shareholders as a result of an increase of quoted companies. “Electronic trading had been applied by 5 companies by April 9, 2009. This number eventually rose to 30, out of which […]


LESSON 3: TAXI RIDE TO THE HOTEL Ryan approaches a taxi parked at the curb of a busy Baghdad street. Ryan:  Il’afuu, akhi. راين: العفو ، أخي . Excuse me, sir. Taxi driver AHmed:  Na’am, ustaath    ! أحمد سائق التاکسي : نعم ، أُستاذ ! !                    Yes, sir  ! Ryan:  Inta tu’ruf wehn finduq Baghdad? […]

Agricultural improvement in Wasset

The Agriculture Directorate in Wasset region has said that the production of greenhouse tomatoes reached half a kilogram for each. The directorate added that it expects Wasset to become a potatoe exporter next season after improvements in production. The Directorate said that the change for the better mainly comes as a result of using greenhouses. […]

Port Company Condemns Minister’s Wrong Decisions

Hundreds of Iraqi port company officials rallied in a peaceful protest Thursday in front of the company’s building in Basrah condemning the decisions of transport minister, Amer Abed Al-Jebar Ishmael, due to his alleged waste of company money on fake projects. Protesters raised signs demanding that the company grant them land according to occupational criteria. […]

ISX Trading Hits ID584m at Weekend’s Session

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) trading activities this week hit more than 584 million Iraqi dinars (roughly $499,000) as rates of shares of 13 companies went down and 12 up out of a total 41 firms that traded in today’s session. Some 292 million shares exchanged hands at 584.548 million dinars through 236 deals, with […]