Ports Personnel Contracts Extended to May after protests

Part-time personnel working for the Ports Company have had their contracts extended to May following a peaceful demonstration in Basra city. “The procedure came in the light of instructions from the minister of transportation, Eng. Aamer Abduljabbar Ismail…,” a media official from the company, Anmar al-Safi, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. On Thursday, dozens of […]

Najaf Book Fair Opens

Najaf’s third book fair opened on Friday (March 12) with the participation of Arab and foreign publishing houses, a local official said. “Tomorrow, the Cultural Affairs Department in Najaf will open the largest book fair in the province…,” the head of the intellectual and cultural affairs department in the province, Jihad al-Hassani, told Aswat al-Iraq […]

Cement Public Company Signs Rehabilitation Contracts

Cement Public Company affiliated to Iraq Ministry of Industry and Minerals said that the ministry signed many contracts with Iraqi and international companies in order to renew cement facilities in Iraq and to increase their productivity. A source in the company said that the ministry signed a contract with Al Massira Iraqi Company to rehabilitate […]

Intersection Bridge Opened in Muthanna

A new intersection bridge was opened in al-Muthanna province on Thursday at a total cost of seven billion Iraqi dinars. “The project is strategic,” Ibrahim al-Mayiali, the governor of Muthanna, said in a speech during the inaugural ceremonies. He said that other projects will be opened in Muthanna soon. Samawa, the capital city of Muthanna […]

Iraq Investors Trade Polls for Portfolios

The room is buzzing. Men lean on wooden shelves as they phone brokers sitting behind a glass barrier. Others focus on screens showing the latest trades on the Iraq Stock Exchange, while an AK-47-wielding guard keeps his distance behind. The market has resumed trading after a five-day break because of Sunday’s general election and the […]

OPEC Likely to Face Iraq Test Sooner Than Expected

The storm brewing on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) horizon over future Iraqi oil output could engulf the producer group sooner than it would like. “There’s only one issue, but it’s a big one. It’s a tsunami. Iraq,” said Leo Drollas at the Centre for Global Energy Studies. After years of sanctions and […]

ExxonMobil Plans 4% Spending Boost

US super major ExxonMobil will increase its capital spending by nearly 4% this year to $28 billion as it evaluates new fields around the world, but it cautioned that the global economy remained unsteady. ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, also said it had completed initial tests at Iraq’s West Qurna field, where […]

Election Update – al-Maliki in the Lead

BBC reports that the first partial results have just been released. The provinces of Najaf and Babil, in the Shia south, give Mr Maliki’s State of Law coalition 124,734 votes in total, with at least 30% of votes counted, followed by 103,583 for the Shia-dominated Iraqi National Alliance. Final results for all 18 provinces are […]

Academic Warns of Hammour Extinction

An Academic warned on Wednesday of the extinction of Hammour fish in  Iraqi territorial waters and in the Gulf. “The sea sciences center of the Basra University has adopted several precautionary measures to increase the number of Hammour,” the center’s media official, Hashem Zaki, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The center will work on increasing […]