54 Schools Established in Diwaniya

The U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), in cooperation with the local government of Diwaniya has established 54 schools at a cost of $20 million throughout the province, according to a team media advisor . “The modern schools will replace the clay schools throughout the province,” Ahmad al-Qasier told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, noting that the […]

Debts and Doubts Delay Kirkuk-Cehyan Oil Pipeline

By Energy Hedge Funds Syndicate The delay in the renewal of the agreement for the operation of the Kirkuk-Ceyhan oil pipeline has served as a reminder of the many obstacles that still have to be overcome if the line is ever to fulfill its potential, both as an export route for Iraq and as a […]

U.S.’s Leedco Wins Iraq Airport Contract

Leedco Engineers Inc, the privately held Californian engineering consultancy, has won a $50 million contract for construction of an international airport in Iraq, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The airport is to be built in Salahuddine Province in northern Iraq as an alternative to Baghdad International Airport, said Jewher Hamad al-Fahel, the head of the province’s […]

Italian Companies in Strategic Study of Water Resources

According to Eye media company, the Ministry of Water Resources announced that they will began negotiations with Italian companies on a strategic study of water and land in Iraq. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Water Resources, the ministry announced that it was preparing a strategic study for long-term water resources. This […]

Indian Company Seeks to Invest in Wassit

An Indian company has expressed its desire to invest in Wassit, the president of the Wassit Investment Commission said on Monday. “A delegation from an Indian company expressed its interest in implementing investment projects in the housing and agriculture sectors,” Dr. Sattar Jaber told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The company presented a request to allocate […]

Baghdad Construction Projects

This month (March 2010), investment permits have been awarded to several projects in Baghdad including companies working in the fields of housing, tourism and hotels. “Eight investment permits have been given to a number of companies. Housing projects were given a priority,” the Investment Commission in Baghdad said in a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq […]

Combat Desertification Day

An official source in the Iraqi government on Monday, announced the Sixth of July of each year as National Day to Combat Desertification. A statement from the National Center, received by Eye Media, says the Cabinet decided to make the sixth of July, the National Day to Combat Desertification. It provides for the establishment of […]

Ban on Importing Vegetables from April 1

A ban on importing vegetables will be imposed throughout Iraq starting from April 1, 2010. “The ban is part of Iraqi Agriculture Ministry’s policy to support local production,” the Ministry said in a release on Monday received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. It said that the ban would help Iraqi farmers get a financial returnt […]

Call for Nuclear Body to Include Iran, Iraq

Arab and international experts at a meeting in Manama on Sunday proposed the establishment of a regional atomic energy body to include Iran and Iraq alongside the Arab monarchies of the Gulf. The meeting on nuclear technologies, in a final statement, said the new body could be fashioned along the lines of the International Atomic […]

Basra Jail needs water

Basra Governor, Sheltagh Abboud al-Mayah, discussed on Monday with a delegation from the U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). “The meeting tackled ways of providing the Basra central jail with water until completion of the al-Bahadriya project,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The governor suggested fixing five U.S. generators in the former presidential palaces […]