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100 Firms Take Part in Basra Trade Fair

100 Firms Take Part in Basra Trade Fair

One-hundred Iraqi and foreign companies will participate on Friday in the Basra International Trade Fair, according to a province’s businessmen union board member on Thursday.

“The companies that will attend the five-day event are coming from Turkey and Germany, alongside Iraqi companies,” Hussein Hashim al-Sa’edi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“The fair, which will be held on the al-Maaqal port grounds in central Basra, will showcase products in the fields of construction, equipment, hospital appliances, machines, automobiles, ceramics, stones, alabaster and food & beverage as well as furniture, linen, decorations, packing devices and ready-made garments,” Sa’edi added.

“The fair will be held under the supervision of a group of Iraqi and Turkish firms in association with the Basra Province administration and the ministries of trade and oil, in addition to the Iraqi Ports Company and the businessmen and industrialists union,” he said.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

Aswat al-Iraq

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Additional Funding for Power Network in Basra

The Basra Provincial Council has allocated an additional ID300 billion [$250m] to rehabilitate the power network in Basra. “This is a temporary and quick solution for the power problem in Basra,” the council’s head told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Wednesday. He noted that agreements have been obtained to construct four new gas-driven power stations in Basra, each with a capacity of 500 MW. “Basra needs 1,200 MW,” the source stressed. He pointed out that all the four new power stations will be devoted to Basra exclusively

A spokesperson from AAIB Insurance Brokers, a company specialising in Iraq commented, “this move shows that the authorities are fully aware of the dangers stemming from insufficient supplies of electricity and that they are taking actions to address the root issues. Within Iraq we can expect to see this spend to be followed by more, larger budget allocations targeted at the power sector as part of a strategic response to the current challenges faced.

The issues of power shortages have been well documented. We know that insufficient power supplies can help foster civil unrest, hamper economic activity and necessitate costing imports to help meet the demand.

The insurance market is able to support construction and engineering projects of this type, but the number of companies willing to do this is limited. We have found that providing the right risk level of detail when approaching insurers, such as project specification and cost, project schedule, contract wordings etc helps us to obtain the types of insurance needed and enable coverage of Contract Works, Machinery, Plant etc plus cover for various liability exposures.

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1,300 Houses for Port Staff in Basra

1,300 Houses for Port Staff in Basra

(Source: Aswat Al Iraq)

Iraqis Ports Company has reached an agreement with a foreign firm to build 1,300 housing units for ports’ staff in the Basra province, in southern Iraq.

“The compound will be constructed at the al-Najeebiya area, 25 km north of Basra,” a media source from the Iraqi company told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

He noted that work in the project will be started soon.

“The compound will be finalized within three years from the starting date,” the source explained.

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Electricity Projects in Basra to be awarded to Foreign Firms Only

Electricity Projects in Basra to be awarded to Foreign Firms Only

The Basra Provincial Council has decided that electricity projects in the province have to be executed by foreign firms only.

“Specialized companies will only be allowed to execute such projects,” a source from the council told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Monday.

He expected that these projects’ value exceeds ID100 billion.

“The Basra Provincial Council will invite foreign firms to delegate their representatives to Basra to discuss these projects,” the source added.

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World Food Discusses Programs in Basra

A representative of Basra’s governor on Monday  discussed with representatives of the World Food Program methods to activate feeding students, as well as ration cards in the province.

“The meeting also discussed importing technical support and technologies to Basra,” a provincial media source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

He noted that the meeting also discussed methods to develop human resources in Basra.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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2 New Projects in Basra

The Basra Investment Commission announced on Monday that two projects in the province are up for bidding.

“The first project is for a fishermen’s harbor in the al-Faw suburb,” a source from the commission told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“The second project is for a factory to produce chemicals in the Abu al-Khaseeb suburb,” the source added.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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Basra – Oil and Gas Revenues Exceeds $223m in 4 Months

Basra – Oil and Gas Revenues Exceeds $223m in 4 Months

Basra oil and gas revenues over the first quarter of 2010 exceeded $223 million.

“The revenues during the first four months of 2010 were around $223.3 million,” Ahmed al-Silaiti, deputy head of the Basra Provincial Council, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Saturday.

He noted that the achieved funds will be spent on projects in the province as approved by the Iraqi Planning Ministry.

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Basra Governor Discusses Reconstruction with Jordanians

Basra Governor, Shaltagh Abboud al-Mayah, discussed on Monday with Jordanian minister of finance businessmen’s contribution in the reconstruction operations in the province, according to an official statement.

“The minister expressed his ministry’s readiness to provide all facilities and to receive Iraqi employees to train them in banking, accounting and tax,” said the statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

The meeting comes within the local government’s plan to expand Basra’s relations with other countries and Arab and international companies to encourage them to invest in the province.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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