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Banks Refuse to Ante Up amid Liquidity Shortage

By Amina al-Dahabi for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraq’s private banking sector is having trouble meeting customers’ demands because of liquidity issues, leading to unrest and worry. Some banks are limiting withdrawals to a specific percentage of deposited funds, while others have stopped […]

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IBBC Members Enjoy Annual Retreat

Members of the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC), leading political figures and experts gathered in the tranquil setting of Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, at the weekend for the IBBC’s annual retreat. The weekend was spent holding discussions and talks on different aspects that affect doing business in Iraq. The event opened on Friday evening […]

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Jordan Increases Fruit & Veg Exports to Iraq

By John Lee. Zawya reports that exports of fruit and vegetables from Jordan to the Iraqi market are increasing. A spokesperson for the Agriculture Ministry said Jordan exports 3,800 tonnes of produce to the Iraqi market daily, giving the example of six refrigerated trucks carrying 300 tonnes of peaches, which arrived in Iraq on Wednesday. […]

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BIC Welcomes Meosat

The Basra Industrial Community (BIC) has welcomed MEOSAT as a new resident company. Residents of BIC now have access to the fastest, most secure and most stable high-speed satelite internet in southern Iraq. MEOSAT is the only active authorized distributor of O3B in Iraq and has just completed testing. O3B provides high-speed internet via a system […]

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World Bank to Lend Iraq $1.7bn

By John Lee. The World Bank had reportedly agreed to lend Iraq $1.7 billion (2.0 trillion Iraqi dinars) to help meet its budget deficit. $1 billion of the amount will be a Development Policy Loan (DPL), with a further $350 million allocated to reconstruction and restoring stability to areas liberated from the Islamic State (IS, […]

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Iraq Oil Exports hit New Record

June oil exports from Iraq hit a record average of 3.187 million bpd, up from 3.145 million bpd in May. An average of 3.02 million bpd was exported from the Southern terminals (up from 2.69 million bpd in May), with exports via Ceyhan averaging just 164,700 bpd (down from 451,000 bpd in May). Southern exports were helped by the splitting of output […]

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