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Designing Public Financial Management Reform in Iraq

The Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies has just published a new report by Ali Al-Mawlawi on reform of public financial management in Iraq: Designing a Successful Approach to Public Financial Management Reform in Iraq The path to recovery and reconstruction in post-conflict Iraq is fraught with pitfalls. The new government will need to tread […]

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Analysing Growth Trends in Public Sector Employment

A new report by Ali Al-Mawlawi (pictured) argues that the illusive nature of long-term stability in the Middle East necessitates a strong commitment by Iraq’s political leaders to develop a sustainable economic and fiscal regime that can absorb future shocks to the system. According to the World Bank, government expenditure as a percentage of GDP […]

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Measuring Corruption in Iraq: Between Perceptions and Reality

The following article was written by Ali Al-Mawlawi, an Iraqi research fellow at Baghdad-based independent think tank, the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform. It was published by openDemocracy, and is reproduced here under their Creative Commons licence. The World Bank has described corruption as ‘the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development.” The prospects […]

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