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Nearly 100 Days in, how is New Govt Performing?

By Dr. Abbas Kadhim, for the Atlantic Council. Nearly One Hundred Days In, How is Iraq’s New Government Performing? Spending the last two weeks of 2018 in Iraq offered a window into Iraqi politics, the economy, and how Iraqis are coping on a variety of issues. My trip began with a conference, and despite the […]

Report: Shaping Iraq’s Oil and Gas Future

By John Lee. A new report for the Atlantic Council argues that gas, being less politically fraught than oil, has the potential to serve as a key area of cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil and could help improve the reliability of electricity supply. In Shaping Iraq’s Oil and Gas Future, Ellen Scholl recommends that: Baghdad […]

KRG to Begin Natural Gas Exports to Turkey

By John Lee. The Chairman of Genel Energy has said that the KRG will begin exporting natural gas to Turkey within two or three years. Tony Hayward (pictured) told the Atlantic Council conference in Istanbul that 20 billion cubic metres will hit the Turkish market by 2020, with KRG Natural Resources Minister Ashti Hawrami saying […]