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Iraq Oil Sector Needs $300bn Investment

By John Lee. Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi [Adil Abd Al-Mahdi] has said that Iraq’s oil and gas industry will need an investment of $300 billion over the next 15 years. He made the statement during a visit to Japan, at which he also discussed the long relationship between the two countries in the energy […]

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Iraq claims to have Re-taken Baiji Refinery

By John Lee. Iraqi security forces claimed on Thursday to have taken control of most of Baiji oil refinery from the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL). But the complex is reported to have been almost completely destroyed in the long battle for control of the site and nearly town. According to Reuters, conservative estimates […]

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Solar Energy to Meet Electricity Needs?

By John Lee. Iraq’s Electricity Minister, Qassem Fahdawi [Qassim al-Fahdawi] (pictured), has reportedly said that his ministry is looking to invest in solar energy projects, in an attempt to solve the continuing shortage of electricity. He said the country produces only about 11,000 MW of power, but needs 21,000 MW. According to Kuwait’s KUNA news […]

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Video: Shiite Milita fights IS in Baiji

From AFP. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraqi fighters from the Shiite popular mobilisation unit were still fighting jihadists from the Islamic state on the outskirts of Iraq’s Baiji oil refinery, about 200 kilometres north of Baghdad, on Sunday.

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Video: Fighting Continues for Refinery

From AFP. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraqi security forces are still battling for the control of the country’s largest refinery in Baiji, where the Islamic state group has been launching several offensives:  

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IS Attacks Baiji Refinery

By John Lee. Islamic State militants (IS, ISIS, ISIL) breached the security perimeter around Baiji [Beiji, Bayji) refinery on Monday, but were repelled by security forces and coalition airstrikes. The 20-square-kilometer site was under siege for five months last summer, until its liberation in November. According to Reuters, provincial council member Khazaal Hammad said the […]

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Baiji Refinery to Reopen in 3 Months

By John Lee. It will take an estimated three months to restart the giant Baiji refinery, after government troops re-took the facility from Islamic State fighters earlier this week. Bloomberg quotes an engineer at the plant as saying that workers have fled to other provinces, refinery units need maintenance, and militants still control part of the […]

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Baiji Refinery Recaptured

By John Lee. Security sources report that the Iraqi army has broken the five-month-long seige of Baiji [Beiji, Bayji] oil refinery in Salahadin province. Baiji is the largest town to be recaptured from Islamic State (IS) fighters since its offensive across northern Iraq in June. Xinhua News Agency suggests that the capture of Baiji would […]

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Iraqi Army Closes in on Beiji

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. The Iraqi army has been trying voer the past three days to break through a seige of Iraq’s biggest oil refinery. The Islamic State in Iraq and Levant captured the city in June, […]

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Repairing Baiji Refinery to take more than a Year

By John Lee. The KRG’s Minister of Natural Resources, Ashti Hawrami, has said repairs to the Baiji refinery will take more than a year, following attacks by militants of the Islamic State in June. According to the report from NINA, he also confirmed that shipment of oil through the pipeline linking Kirkuk and the Turkish […]

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