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Trade Increases after Automation of Border Crossings

By John Lee. Cross-border trade has increased 20 percent in the first three months of this year after authorities installed automatic electronic system in the main border stations in January. The manager of the Kurdistan Region Customs Service told Rudaw: “The automation process has had an immediate and relatively large impact on the overall revenues […]

Iraq Reinforces its Border with Saudi Arabia

By John Lee. AINA reports that a large convoy of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) has been seen moving towards the Iraqi-Saudi border. This comes following increasing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the Iraqi government has expressed support for Qatar in its conflict with Saudi Arabia. (Source: AINA)

Int’l Interests vie for Control of Iraq-Syria Border

This article was originally published by Niqash. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. International Interests Line Up To Take Control Of Iraq-Syria Border As the fight against the extremist group known as the Islamic State continues to succeed, albeit at a slower pace […]

Plans to Ease Trade between Iraq and Jordan

By John Lee. Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki met with his his Iraqi counterpart Haidar Al Abadi this week, and agreed to reopen the border crossing at Treibil. The move will facilitate the movement of Jordanian merchandise, mainly farm produce, into Iraq and reduce transport and other costs on Jordanian exporters. A committee will also […]

Investment Opportunity: Customs Check-point in Diyala

State Commission for Customs, in coordination with the National Investment Commission (NIC), has announced an investment opportunity to establish a customs check point in Al Safra Zone / Al Uthaim in Diyala Province, and provide all necessary requirements and services (logistic and security). Interested investors are entitled to present their wish to the customs commission […]

Iran to up Oil Output at Joint Iraq Fields

By John Lee. Iran‘s Minister for Petroleum, Bijan Nadar Zangeneh (pictured), has revealed plans to increase production at the country’s western joint fields with Iraq by 200,000 bpd. The increase will happen over the next eight months and “surge to 700,000 bpd in the years to come”, according to a report from PressTV. Iran has […]

Turkey Reopens Iraq Border Crossing

By John Lee. The Habur border crossing between Iraq and Turkey has reopened on a limited basis on Tuesday, but with only 1,250 vehicles being allowed to through each day, according to Today’s Zaman. Turkey had closed the crossing on 14th December due to ongoing clashes between Turkish security forces and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party […]

Sulaimaniyah opens New Border Crossing with Iran

By John Lee. Shafaaq reports that a new border crossing has been opened between Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan, and Iran. The new crossing at Siran Bin is the third in the province, and connects with the Iranian city of Bana. At the opening ceremony, the governor of Sulaimaniyah predicted that the new crossing will ease […]

Iran to Add Rigs at Shared Oilfield

The First Deputy Managing Director of the National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) said the company will add two more drilling rigs to the development project at South Azadegan oilfield, which is shared between Iraq and Iran. Mohammad Reza Takayedi told Shana that NIDC has been tasked with drilling operations of 40 wells in a 24-month […]

Closure of Jordanian-Iraqi Borders Hurts Jordan

By John Lee. Jordan’s Interior Minister, Salameh Hammad, said on Tuesday that the frequent closure of the Jordanian-Iraqi border should be resolved. Hammad made the remarks as he met with Iraqi ambassador to Jordan, Jawad Hadi Abbas, where the two officials discussed ways to remove all obstacles facing Jordan’s cargo transportation to Iraq. Abbas stressed […]