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Dinar Move a Plus for Stocks

Last week the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) announced that it was authorizing the two largest state-owned banks, Rafidain Bank and Rashid Bank, to sell US dollars at auction. The CBI’s goal is to reduce the spread between its own auction rate and the unofficial “street” exchange rate, which has recently been as wide as […]

Central Bank Defends Weak Iraqi Dinar

Iraq’s Central Bank says it will not allow the Iraqi dinar to depreciate and has been selling hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the currency stable, according to a report from Azzaman. The dinar weakened in December, prompting the bank to sell dollars in a bid to withdraw cash from Iraqi markets. The bank […]

Iraqi Banking’s Great Leap Forward

Last month the Central Bank of Iraq co-hosted a conference with USAID’s Iraq Financial Development Project on “Integrating the Banking and Financial Services Sector in Iraq.” This event, which was held in Istanbul from November 18-19 covered two upcoming changes to the payments system that have the potential to revolutionize Iraq’s banking sector. The first […]

Iraq’s 2012 Budget Forecast Based on $80 Oil

Azzaman news agency reports that the Iraqi Central Bank’s budget forecast for 2012 is based on and oil price of $80 per barrel. Muatasem Akram, a consultant with the bank, said the forecast was reasonable, though much below the 2012 forecasts for oil prices on international markets. He acknowledged the bank’s budgetary estimates for oil […]

Iraq: $58bn in Currency Reserves, Should Redenominate Soon

The deputy governor of Iraq’s central bank has announced that foreign currency reserves have risen to close to $58 billion, and are expected to increase further thanks to a rise in oil revenues. Mudher Kasim said higher global oil prices could result in a budget surplus for 2011. Reuters quotes him as saying, “(The amount […]

Iraqi Inflation Up Again in May

Iraq’s core annual inflation rose to 6.3 percent in May from 6.1 percent in April, a senior official at the Central Bank of Iraq told Reuters on Sunday. The agency reports that the figure is driven by the cost of imported goods and services, especially healthcare. Inflation had previously risen from 5.5% in February to […]

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