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Central Bank: Educate Public on Paying Taxes

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) stated on Thursday that the assumed value of taxs in the 2011 budget is amounted to 2.7 trillion Iraqi dinars, that is 3% of the state budget. Muzher Mouhammed Saleh, the adviser of the ICB, told AKnews that the tax file is semi-disabled in Iraq due to the poor […]

New Turkish Banks Opening in Erbil

The Turkish alBaraka Bank will open its branch in Erbil, the Kurdistan Region’s capital, in early January, according to a report from AKnews. According to the information leaked to the agency’s correspondent, the bank’s officials have completed the formal application through the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), and have informed the Kurdistan officials of the […]

Egyptian Central Bank Trains Iraq’s Bankers

With the stated aim of contributing to the reform of the Iraqi banking sector, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)’s Banking Institute has begun training employees of Iraq’s central bank in modern methods of banking and finance, administration and human resources. According to Banking Institute Executive Director, Hala al-Said, the move comes within the context […]

Private Banks Perform Better Than State-Owned – CBI

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) said on Friday that the performance of private banks is better than the performance of state-owned banks, indicating that the lack of restrictions and bureaucracy in private banks gave them a competitive advantage. Muzher Mouhammed Saleh, the chancellor of the CBI, told AKnews: “The future in Iraq will be […]

IMF Calls for Iraq to Clear its Debts

An adviser to the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) said on Wednesday that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has renewed its call for Iraq to clear its outstanding debts. Nathhar Mohammed Saleh told AKnews that the IMF called on the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to develop feasible solutions to its external debts. […]

Iraq Output “Will Double”

The Iraq Central Bank said that the survival of a high oil price will double Iraq GDP, helping it to achieve its goals by improving the value of the dinar through economic growth. Speaking to IKHNews, adviser of the Central Bank, Mudhir Saleh, predicted the survival of oil prices in the $80-$85 range, which will double […]

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