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Iran to Open Office in Thi Qar

By John Lee.

The Governor of Thi Qar [Dhi Qar], Yehya ala-Nasiri, has told Aswat Al Iraq that Iran proposes opening an representative office in the province, to facilitate the work of Iranian companies in the area.

The proposal was made following a meeting with the Iranian consul in Basra province, Hameed Reza Mukhtas Abadi.

(Source: Aswat Al Iraq)

(Iran image via Shutterstock)

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Dhi Qar to Invest $430m in Power Projects

By John Lee.

The Dhi Qar governorate intends to invest 500 billion Iraqi dinars ($430 million) in power projects in the next three years, according to a report from Emirates 24/7.

Shanan Al Zamli, chairman of the electricity committee in the governing council, told al-Sumaria that the investment will add 2,000 MW to its generating capacity, bringing it up from 1,000 MW to 3,000 MW, which will help to tackle the severe power shortage in the governorate.

He added that the council had already approved a project to build a 1,000-MW power plant to the north of Nasiriyah, and another 1,000-MW plant in Suq Al Shuyukh in the south of the province.

(Source: Emirates 24/7)

(Electricity image via Shutterstock)

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LUKOIL begins Seismic Survey at Block 10

LUKOIL has started a 2D seismic survey at Block 10 in the south of Iraq.

2000 linear kilometers of seismic surveys will be completed by the BGP Inc. geophysical company within 16 months.

The Mandatory Geologic Exploration Program at Block 10 is scheduled to take five years with a potential 2-year extension and includes drilling one exploration well in addition to the 2D seismic survey.

LUKOIL Overseas was granted the right to exploration, development and production operations at Block 10 during the field’s licensing round in June 2012. The Service Contract, which has a duration of 25 years with potential five year extension, was signed on November 7, 2012.

Shares in the project are distributed as follows: LUKOIL Overseas (the Operator) – 60% and Japanese INPEX Corp. – 40%. The Contract holder from the Iraqi side is the state-run South Oil Company.

Block 10, with a total area of 5.6 thousand square kilometers, is located in the territory of Dhi Qar and Mutanna provinces, 120 km to the west of Basra.

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Schneider to Build Dhi Qar Power Plant

By John Lee.

French company Schneider Electric has won a contract to build a power plant in Iraq.

The 64MW plant will be built in the Nasir district in northern Dhi Qar province, near the stadium in the area.

Schneider employs more than 140,000 people in over 100 countries. Last year revenues were $32bn.

(Source: ConstructionWeekOnline)

(Picture: Schneider Head Office)

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Gharraf Oil Starts Field Production

By John Lee.

The Gharraf [Garraf] oil field in Thi Qar [Dhi Qar] province, 85km north of the City of Nasiriyah, produced its first commercial output of oil on 31st August.

Iraq’s Ministry of Oil said the flow rate was 35,000 barrels a day, and peak production of 230,000 bpd was expected in 2017.

Japan Petroleum Exploration (JAPEX), in partnership with Malaysian national oil company PETRONAS and the Iraqi state-owned North Oil Company (NOC), secured the winning bid for the field in December 2009 under Iraq’s Second Petroleum Licensing Round.

In July 2010, JOGMEC granted equity financing to Japex Garraf Ltd., an affiliate of JAPEX, for the development of the field.

(Sources: Ministry of Oil, JOGMEC)

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US Firm Wins $60m Affordable Housing Project in Thi Qar

By John Lee.

The Thi Qar Investment Commission has approved an Investment License for a $60 million (USD) affordable housing project being developed by Iraq Dream Homes, LLC, a U.S. affordable housing development firm.

The housing project “An Nasiriyah Dream Homes-Phase I” consists of 400 units of single-family affordable homes in a master-planned, sustainable community development. In addition to the energy saving technology and design incorporated into the development, An Nasiriyah Dream Homes-Phase I will include a hybrid solar/photovoltaic renewable energy plant for clean and stable electricity supply for the development’s residents.

According to Iraq Dream Homes, LLC Managing Director William Johnson:

Thi Qar Investment Commission’s approval of the Investment License for our affordable and sustainable housing project marks a very significant milestone in the project’s development and provides a clear indication that Iraq is serious about addressing their housing shortfall.

Engineer Ali M. Sangoor, Iraq Dream Homes, LLC Country Manager  says:

Working with Dr. Luay AL-Khairulla, Chairman of the Commission and the Thi Qar Investment Commission staff in the development of An Nasiriyah Dream Homes-Phase I has been a pleasure and we look forward to delivering our high quality, affordable homes to the residents of An Nasiriyah.

Iraq Dream Homes, LLC was awarded the Investment License for the An Nasiriyah Dream Homes-Phase I project under Iraq’s Investment Law #13. A combination of construction lending from a U.S lending agency and an Iraqi commercial bank, along with private equity will provide financing the project.

Construction on An Nasiriyah Dream Homes-Phase I, located in the Municipality of An Nasiriyah, Thi Qar Province in southern Iraq is expected to start in November 2012, with initial turnover occupancy of homes scheduled to begin in June 2013.


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Iraq to Create Dhi-Qar Oil Company?

By John Lee.

The Iraqi province of Dhi Qar (Thi Qar) may get it’s own oil company, according to a report from AIN.

The Deputy Prime Minister with responsibility for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani (pictured), discussed the issue with the Deputy Chairman of Dhi-Qar Provincial Council, Hadi Mohan, at his office in Baghdad.

Shahristani instructed to expedite the building of the Nasiriya Oil Refinery, which will have a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day.

Also on the agenda was the idea fo a 500 MW power station, from which half the output would go to the province and half to the national Grid.

(Source: AIN)

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Weekly Security Update for 27th June 2012

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week, but the overall number of attacks was still above average. At least 69 people were killed and 179 injured in nationwide incidents. A total of 48 bombings left 42 people dead and over 160 injured. A rise in small arms attacks left 27 people dead and 11 injured.

Mosul experienced a significant proportion of last week’s violence. The security forces remain by far the most common target, but ethnic and religious minorities are also a common victim of violence. Militants also attacked electricity pylons and oil infrastructure in Ta’mim and Diyala provinces. Vulnerable assets such as lengthy pipelines and unmanned towers far from urban populations appear to have been deliberately singled out and organisations managing such assets are advised to review their security measures accordingly.


Weekly Attacks in Iraq - the last 6 months

Most of last week’s violence in Iraq was concentrated along a belt of settlements in the central provinces, stretching from Hadithah in Anbar province, through Ramadi, Fallujah, Baghdad then on to Ba’qubah and Sa’adiyah in Diyala province. There was also a spike in activity in the holy city of Samarra (Salah ad-Din province) as Sunni radical groups appear to be stirring up sectarian tensions.

Three suicide bombings (including one which was foiled in Fallujah) left 18 people dead and 43 injured in the region last week. The use of suicide bombers indicates the enduring, and indeed rising activity of radical Islamists, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda. Given the latest rise in attacks in the region it would appear that the group is attempting to implement a co-ordinated and sustained campaign of violence aimed at discrediting the security forces and driving a wedge between the Sunni and Shi’ah communities. This in turn could lead to a worsening in conditions and put a major strain on the security forces.

At least six people were also kidnapped in what appears to have been a mini-spike in abductions in Anbar province last week. AKE will be issuing its next quarterly kidnap report in July. If you would like to purchase a copy in advance please contact [email protected].

The south of Iraq was relatively quiet last week, although there was a handful of non-fatal but nonetheless concerning attacks in Maysan and Dhi Qar provinces. Militia groups appear to be increasing their attacks against rivals organisations and their supporters, with a number of bombs detonated outside the homes of politically-connected individuals over recent weeks. However, casualties from these attacks remain minimal, while most economic interests (including the energy and construction sectors) are not being affected.

John Drake is a senior risk consultant with AKE, a British risk mitigation company working in Iraq since 2003. You can access AKE’s intelligence website Global Intake here, and you can obtain a free trial of AKE’s Iraq intelligence reports here.


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