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Security in Iraq: Location, Location, Location

By Padraig O’Hannelly. Delegates attending CWC‘s Kirkuk & Mosul Megaprojects conference in London have been told that while Iraq “has never experienced as small a number of security incidents in the post 2003-era as it is now … there are some parts of Iraq that are experiencing as many incidents as they did in, say, […]

Reshuffling Iraqi Generals: Who Benefits?

By Michael Knights and Alexandre Mello, for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Three top commanders have been replaced in northern areas where Iran-backed militias are trying to outmuscle the regular security forces. Washington should find out why. Full report here. (Source: Washington Institute for Near East Policy)

Daesh Inside Iraq: Losing Power or Preserving Strength?

By Michael Knights, for the Combating Terrorism Center. The Islamic State Inside Iraq: Losing Power or Preserving Strength? In addition to losing control of Iraqi cities and oilfields, the Islamic State has clearly lost much of the capability it developed within Iraq from 2011-2014. Quantitative attack metrics paint a picture of an insurgent movement that […]

“Iraq’s Energy Future Lies to the North”

By John Lee. A new report from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says that Iraqi hydrocarbons “will either be exploited by Iran and its allies or used for Iraq’s own benefit, transforming the country into an energy export hub between the Gulf states, Turkey, and Europe. The United States has a strong strategic […]

The Future of Iraq’s Armed Forces

By John Lee. In a new report published for the Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies, Dr Michael Knights, Lafer Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, argues that those who say that there is no longer any such thing as the Iraqi security forces (ISF) are fully aware the line they are […]

Chess or Dominos? The Next Moves in Iraq’s Political Game

By Dr Michael Knights, Vice President and lead Iraq analyst at Olive Group. On 1 October, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki received the endorsement of just over 140 parliamentarians, drawing close to the 163 votes needed to be re-appointed. I’m on record as predicting that this step will most likely bring about a new Maliki-led government, […]

Iraq, The ‘Awakening Economic Giant’

The Financial Times ran an article on Wednesday by Farouk Soussa, Citigroup’s Chief Economist for the Middle East. While we’re all used to hearing the statistics and projections, Mr Soussa gave us a more engaging metaphor for Iraq’s potentially prosperous future: “Beneath the unsettled surface, Iraq is an economic giant, slowly but surely awakening after […]

What the Ramadan Bombings Tell Us about Security in Iraq

By Dr Michael Knights, Vice President and lead Iraq analyst at Olive Group. The holy month of Ramadan – which ended on 11 September – is meant to be a time of peace, but in Iraq it has more often been a testing time for the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the United States. Insurgents […]