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NIC Invites Bids for Renewable Energy Plants

By John Lee.

Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity, in coordination with the National Investment Commission (NIC), have announced an investment opportunity to construct three solar power stations and one wind power station.

The plants will capacity of between 5 and 10 MW, and be situated in Diwaniya, Najaf and Missan (Maysan) provinces:

  1. Diwaniya: A solar power station on a 50-donum site at Dagharah;
  2. Diwaniya: A solar power station on a 50-to-60-donum site at Al- Suniyah;
  3. Najaf : A solar power station on a 200-donum site at Al- Haideriyah;
  4. Missan: A wind power station at Ali al- Gharbi.

Investors willing to invest in this opportunity should submit a letter of interest to the National Investment Commission by 13th May, providing a profile that contains the following:

  • Project feasibility study that matches with the one arranged by the Ministry of Electricity (which can be obtained with the information confidentiality form when visiting NIC)
  • Signing the information confidentiality form when visiting NIC
  • Preliminary engineering plans
  • Financial competency with the details of the project funding sources
  • Duration and stages of project implementation
  • Similar accomplished projects

The project will enjoy the following privileges:

  • Tax and fees exemptions according to investment law provisions
  • Ministry of Electricity, NIC and provincial governments shall undertake providing all facilitations to investor in order to obtain all licenses and approvals needed through the Ones Stop Shop in addition to providing facilitations during the implementation and operation stages
  • The investor has the right to repatriate capitals, revenues and workers fees according to the CBI regulations after paying all financial dues.

For further information please contact:

(Source: National Investment Commission)

(Renewable Energy image via Shutterstock)

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MHPS to Refurbish Power Station in Basra

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has received an order from the Ministry of Electricity (MOE) of Iraq for refurbishment of Unit 4 (output: 200 megawatts) at the Hartha Thermal Power Station.

The refurbishment work, scheduled for completion in May 2017, requires large-scale replacement of core components of the plant’s seriously degraded power generation facilities. The project is being financed through a Japanese ODA (Overseas Development Assistance) loan extended to the Government of the Republic of Iraq.

The Hartha Thermal Power Station, which incorporates both gas- and oil-fired units, is located in the city of Basra in Iraq’s south. The original power generation equipment was supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) in 1980, and for more than three decades it has played a vital role in providing power to the Basra region.

But after three wars the original facilities had sustained partial damage as well as gradual degradation, so that today Unit 4 is operating at only some 40 percent of its rated capacity. The newly ordered refurbishment work will restore the unit to its original rated output as a way of contribution to Iraq’s recovery.

The rehabilitation project will consist of replacing Unit 4’s core equipment – boilers, steam turbines and generators – plus introducing a state-of-the-art distributed control system (DCS).

These improvements will significantly enhance the plant’s reliability. Installation and other work at the site will be performed by GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc., an engineering firm headquartered in Turkey.

Besides MHI’s earlier involvement in the Hartha Thermal Power Plant, Hitachi, Ltd. – MHI’s partner in the integration of thermal power generation systems business that resulted in MHPS’s founding – also has a long track record in Iraq, having taken part in refurbishment projects for MOE at thermal power stations in Taji, Al-Musaib and Mosul.

Through the newly ordered refurbishment work at the Hartha Thermal Power Plant, MHPS will make a further contribution to restoring Iraq’s domestic power supply capability. Going forward, MHPS will continue to cooperate in achieving stable power supplies and enhancing generating efficiency, as a way of contribution to Iraq’s economic and social recovery.

(Source: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems)

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Turn a Light On: Electricity Sector Reform in Iraq

By Luay Al-Khatteeb and Harry Istepanian, of the Brookings Institution.

The need to confront and drive back the forces of the Islamic State (IS, ISIS. ISIL) has pushed long-term reform efforts in Iraq far down the list of priorities.

Yet pressing economic reforms – such as restructuring and rebuilding the country’s energy sector – increasingly seem a strategic necessity, as oil prices have fallen far below government projections.

How can politicians be persuaded to invest in Iraq’s long-term future at a time of imminent security threats? How can the efforts to reform the Iraqi electricity network be harnessed to reestablish government authority in newly retaken areas?

Luay Al-Khatteeb and Harry Istepanian address these questions through analysis of past attempts at electricity sector reform. They argue that even before IS advances plunged Iraq into a deep political and security crisis, divisions within the Iraqi parliament and various government agencies had stymied efforts at reform.

Still, they note that improving the provision of electricity is a clear opportunity to improve basic services to its citizens, boosting government legitimacy and acceptance in areas under its control, especially as it seeks to retake territory from IS.

Khatteeb and Istepanian hold that a comprehensive strategy is needed, one that incorporates an expanded role for the private sector, rationalized electricity tariffs, and a host of technical fixes to improve efficiency.

Ultimately, they contend, much will depend on whether the government of Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi views the IS threat as an excuse for inaction or an impetus for change.

Please click here to download the full report in English, or here to download in Arabic.

(Source: Brookings Institution)

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Reforming Iraq’s National Grid

Report first published in nina-iraq.com, the magazine for Iraqi women everywhere.

By Dr. Basil Al-Fakhri, formerly of the Electricity Power Commission-IRAQ [1988-1989], consultant in Western power Utility, KBR consultant and SMEC consultant-Australia[2004-2012].

It is my belief that the Ministry of Electricity [ME] needs to engage with international consulting firms (this is what happens with oil contracts).

These consultation periods should last no less than 10 years and should explore planning, studies, production, transmission, and distribution.

It is suggested that countries such as Britain, Sweden, Germany, France and Japan. should take the lead in this as they have accumulated expertise for systems which can be implemented in Iraq.

In addition, these consulting utilities firm possess advanced training in power generation and supply, and hence this will put Iraq on the right track also. Indeed, if we plan wisely we can leapfrog other nations in the region – overtaking Libya and Jordan, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia as market leaders.

Implementation of the right kind of technology at every stage will of course play a crucial part.

Please click here to view the full article.

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Basra Approves $216m Power Projects

By John Lee.

Basra governorate has reportedly approved 60 new power projects valued at a total of $218 million (255 billion Iraqi dinars) within its 2015 budget.

The projects were given the green light at an emergency meeting of the governing council  on Monday, and were fewer than desired because of budget constraints.

Emirates 24|7 quotes a Basra official as saying that the governorate, Iraq’s wealthiest province, approved a budget of about 4.3 trillion dinars (3.6 billion dollars) for 2015, but was allocated only 1.3 trillion dinars (1.11 billion dollars) by Baghdad due to lower oil prices and soaring military spending.

(Source: Emirates 24|7)

(Electricity image via Shutterstock)

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Cummins Supplies Generators to Shrine

Modern Iraq Company for Trading Agencies (MICTA), the authorized distributor for Cummins Power Generation, has supplied a prime power solution to an important religious site in Iraq.

The 6.4 MW solution is powering the Al Abbas Mosque at Karbala, a mausoleum visited by millions of pilgrims every year.

MICTA delivered, installed and commissioned four enclosed generator sets plus a low-voltage synchronization board, cabling and fuel tanks. Special consideration was given to air quality and noise levels at the site.

Recent facility development projects at the site have included rebuilding of the site’s surrounding wall, re-gilding of the dome and minarets, and roofing of the courtyard. In 2014 another major project began to construct a basement to accommodate larger numbers of pilgrims, and to reinforce the structure whose foundations are exposed to a section of the Euphrates River.

Four Cummins Power Generation C2250 D5 enclosed generator sets fitted with Cummins QSK60 G4 engines provide the power, managed by DMC 1000 digital management control equipment and a PowerCommand® PCC3201P paralleling system. MICTA acted as consultant, mechanical contractor and electrical contractor on the project.

(Source: Cummins)

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KRG to Import Gas, Electricity from Iran

By John Lee.

Roza Othman, a member of the Natural Resources Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament, has said that the KRG will sign a contract with Iran to import gas and electricity.

The imported electricity and gas will be for civilians, and the gas will be delivered by pipeline.

The Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Natural Resources, Sherko Jawdat, confirmed to BasNews that the Kurdistan PM is expected to visit Iran soon to sign the contract.

He said that the finer details of the contract are not yet known; Roza Othman insisted that importing gas from Iran will solve Kurdistan’s issues with electricity and gas.

(Source: BasNews)

(Electricity image via Shutterstock)

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Japan Agrees Loan for Power Plant Refit

By John Lee.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has agreed a loan for the rehabilitation of the fourth unit at the Al Hartha Thermal Power Plant in Basra; the amount of the loan as not been disclosed.

The plant was originally constructed by a Japanese company in the late 1970s, and consists of four 200MW units designed to reach a total output of 800 MW.

utilities-me.com reports that the control system of unit 1 was destroyed by a fire in 2010 while units 2 and 3 were damaged during the First Gulf War and have out of operation since then.

The first unit was back up and running in 2010 while the second and third units were scheduled to be rehabilitated by the end of last year.

Germany’s Siemens won the contract for the work on the first three units.

(Source: utilities-me.com)

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