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Alstom Wins €225m Equipment Deal in Anbar

Alstom has been awarded a contract worth approximately €225 million to provide power generation equipment for the Al-Anbar gas-fired combined-cycle power plant being built in the Anbar province in Iraq.

A consortium of Metka SA and Metka Overseas Ltd is building the power plant for the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq.

The 1,642 MW power plant, due to be commissioned in 2016, will add much needed electricity to the Iraqi grid. Once in operation, it will be one of the largest and most efficient combined-cycle power plants in Iraq.

Under the scope of the contract, Alstom will supply four highly efficient GT26 gas turbines, four Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG’s), two steam turbines and six air-cooled turbogenerators.

Commenting on the contract, Steve Meszaros, Senior Vice-President of Alstom’s Gas business said:

The Middle East is the most promising market for gas-fired generation and we are extremely pleased at expanding our presence in this region. Alstom has been a steady partner in the reconstruction of Iraq’s energy infrastructure and we are confident that our superior technology will make Al-Anbar a flagship project for the country”.

Alstom is currently constructing the Al-Mansuriya (728MW) gas-fired power plant in the Diyala Governorate, northeast of Baghdad and has also recently signed the 740 MW Zubair contract with ENI Iraq B.V. These plants are based on the GT13E2 gas turbine.

Alstom has also supplied the gas turbine for the Al-Najaf power plant that went into operation last year. Alstom continues to support the rehabilitation of Iraq’s existing installed base including unit 1 of the Najaf gas-fired power station, 160 km south of Baghdad.

(Source: Alstom)

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ABB’s Ventyx Wins Power Deal

Ventyx, an ABB company, has announced that it has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Electricity (MOE) in Iraq to provide state-of-the-art energy management systems that will help improve the availability, performance and reliability of power supplies in Iraq from main control centers in Baghdad, Kirkuk and Basra.

The agreement is part of a major initiative to help rebuild a modern and reliable electricity transmission system for Iraq. The MOE is upgrading its existing Regional Control Centers (RCCs) by replacing legacy systems with an integrated solution that comprises Ventyx Network Manager SCADA EMS (supervisory control and data acquisition and energy management system) software.

Once upgraded, the control centers will provide operators with a system-wide view of the grid’s condition, enabling smooth operations as well as the rapid detection and correction of faults. The RCCs, jointly with the National Dispatch center (NDC), will be the backbone for the real-time monitoring, supervision and control of the country’s transmission grid.

By gaining greater visibility of its transmission network, MOE can reduce congestion and improve power availability and reliability – helping to avoid unplanned outages by rerouting power as needed. MOE will also be able to schedule planned outages, enabling its power plants to go offline for maintenance, as well as monitor “tie points” with surrounding nations so that power resources can be optimally shared between countries.

Ventyx will also provide extensive training, equipment maintenance and diagnostics services, as well as remote support services to ensure the smooth running of the transmission network.

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Alstom Wins €400m Zubair Contract

Alstom has secured a contract with Eni Iraq B.V. to build the 740 MW Zubair gas-fired power plant near Basra. The contract is valued at close to €400 million.

For this turnkey project, Alstom will be responsible for engineering, building and commissioning the plant as well as supplying key equipment – most notably four highly reliable GT13E2 gas turbines.

Technical support and engineering expertise for the project will come from Alstom’s Power Generation headquarters in Baden, Switzerland, and its German gas turbine manufacturing facility in Mannheim.

Gas Business Senior Vice President, Steve Meszaros, said:

Capturing the Zubair project is another confirmation of Alstom’s strong presence in Iraq’s gas-fired power generation sector … As the country pushes forward with reconstruction and expansion efforts, Alstom is yet again there to work with partners to assist in modernising Iraqi infrastructure.

The plant will support the expansion of the Zubair oil field near Basra. This project will make Alstom the only original equipment manufacturer to have secured more than one engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract in Iraq, following its success securing the similar Al Mansurya plant project north-east of Baghdad in 2011.

(Source: Alstom)

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Koreans win $1.7bn Power Contracts

By John Lee.

Reuters reports that Iraq has approved $1.7 billion in contracts with Korean companies Samsung Engineering and Hyundai Heavy Industries to build two engineering projects:

  • Samsung won a $894.5 million contract to handle engineering, procurement and construction work on a degassing station in the Zubair oilfield;
  • Hyundai won a $818 million contract to build a 230-MW plant in Yousifiya, south of Baghdad.

Final approval by the oil ministry will be required before the deals are formally awarded.

Total power supply, currently at 12,000 MW, is expected to reach 16,000 MW in three months and 18,600 MW by the end of 2014, the ministry spokesman said.

(Source: Reuters)

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$4.7bn for Electricity Sector in 2014

By John Lee.

The Iraqi government has allocated $4.7 billion to build power plants and finance existing electricity projects this year.

Electricity ministry spokesperson Masaab Al-Mudarris told Zawya:

As part of its 2014 plan, the Ministry of Electricity requested a budget of $12 billion to complete existing projects and to sign new contracts to compensate for the fluctuating shortage (of power), but the government only approved $4.7 billion.

Production capacity is currently 12,100 MW, with demand at 16,500 MW.

The Ministry of Electricity aims to produce an additional 7,500 MW by the end of 2014 and another 7,500 MW by the end of 2015.

According to Zawya, four new power plants were completed last year, but they are not yet operational due to gas shortages. The stations are:

  • Rumaila, Basra (1,460 MW);
  • Mansuriya, Diyala (730 MW);
  • Akkaz, Anbar (250 MW); and,
  • Alekiarp, Nineveh (750 MW).

(Source: Zawya)

(Picture: Power plant in Bayji)

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Iraq Leads Region with $519bn in Planned Projects

By John Lee.

Iraq is now among the biggest spenders in the Middle East when it comes to planned or under-way infrastructure projects, rivalling the expenditure of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according to the MEED’s Gulf Project’s Index.

Iraq’s southern neighbours are spending $1.o5 trillion and $713bn respectively,but Iraq’s rising expenditure on energy projects will be the subject of the forthcoming “Iraq Energy Projects 2014” conference hosted by MEED Events on the 25th of February in Dubai.

Among the many delegates speaking at the event, Iraq’s Minister of Electricity, Karim Aftan al-Jumaili and the UAE’s Energy Minister Suhail Mohammed al Mazrouei will discuss Iraq-UAE collaboration on infrastructure projects.

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Siemens Wins Service Contract for Baiji Power

Siemens Energy has been awarded an agreement to perform service and maintenance at the 600 megawatt (MW) Baiji [Bayji] gas power plant, located in the Salah al-Din governorate in Iraq.

Under terms of the contract signed with Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity, Siemens will supply and deliver spare parts for the Baiji power plant’s four SGT5-2000E gas turbines as well as perform significant upgrades, remote monitoring and diagnostic services, and field service for an initial period of four years.

The upgrades include the major overhauls of the SGT5-2000E turbines with state-of-the-art Siemens’ 3-dimensional blades and vanes (Si3D). The integration of the Siemens Si3D blades and vanes provides the plant with optimal technical and economic benefits.

Randy Zwirn (pictured), CEO of Siemens Energy Service Division, said:

As Iraq continues on its path to restore and improve the country’s long-term, reliable energy production, ensuring its energy producing assets are performing reliably and at optimum levels is extremely important.

“We look forward to applying our proven service products portfolio, our technical expertise and our commitment to customer-focused service to help the Ministry of Electricity meet the energy needs of Iraq.

(Source: Siemens Energy)

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Iran Ups Electricity Exports to Iraq

By John Lee.

Iran is to increase its electricity exports to Iraq by an additional 500MW.

According to a report from PressTV, the Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian (pictured) said:

The first outcome of these accords is the increase of electricity exports by 500 megawatts (MW) in addition to previous agreements reached with the country …. The agreements we have reached with Iraq are about the two issues of more electricity exports and the expansion of activities of Iranian companies in the country.

(Source: PressTV)

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