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A Safe Space

By Madeleine White Last week was Week of Women and Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). It is not surprising therefore that I was involved in two thought leadership events – both looking at different perspectives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the players and policies that shape it. The first event was hosted by the FCO’s Wilton […]

Startup Weekend in Erbil

By John Lee. A Startup Weekend will be held this weekend (17th-19th November) in Erbil. This year, the theme is education, specifically “having technology involved with education to make our education system better.” More information here.

The Growth of the Iraqi Tech Ecosystem

By Hal Miran, Editor-in-Chief, Bite.Tech. It might be surprising to know that the region of the Middle East has become a blossoming entrepreneurial, tech startup hub. From Jordan to Lebanon and Iran to Egypt, the region has made significant progress with innovation driving tech startup growth. Israel has more startups per capita than anywhere else […]

RiTS Vision for a Better Iraq

By Aziz Al Nassiri. The idea of the RiTS Hexagon vision is to offer well-thought-through project concepts to deal with some of the most pressing problems Iraq faces today. The country’s leadership has been good with identifying the objectives, however not very good with specifying strategies to help achieve these objectives. Hence our projects are […]

Nina Launches in Iraq

Nina Launches in Iraq – Voices of Promise and Hope Join Together in Suleimania Nearly 200 business leaders, politicians, civic society leaders and even Miss Kurdistan for Peace attended the Iraqi launch of Nina, held at Suleimania’s Grand Millennium Hotel, thanks to the generosity of sponsors Asiacell. A live TV broadcast saw Nina Champion and […]

Iraqi Entrepreneurs Strike it Rich

By Omar al-Jaffal for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraqi Entrepreneurs Strike it Rich Reselling Goods on Facebook After the rise in Iraq’s per capita income, Iraqi families are now looking for products other than those available in the local market, […]

Young Entrepreneurs in Erbil Making a Killing

By John Lee. Sitting on some of the world’s largest untapped oil and natural gas reserves, the region is experiencing a surge in investment and construction. Five-star hotels are dotting the skyline and luxury condo complexes with names like “American village” are opening on the outskirts of the city. As oil companies set up shop […]

IBN at the Heart of Women’s Economic Empowerment

By Madeleine White, capacity building and communications specialist. Nina: The Heart of Enterprise, the Spirit of Iraq – the IBN at the Heart of a Ground-Breaking Women’s Economic Empowerment Project It is fitting that the first official announcement about Nina is made in the pages of the Iraq Business News. Designed to encourage capacity building and […]

Iraqi Entrepreneurs: Making Anwar’s Workshop Global

By Yasmine Khaled Aly, UNIDO. Before learning about UNIDO’s Investment Promotion in Iraq (IPI) Project, Anwar Hussein – a young, ambitious and hardworking Iraqi – had a small business but few business opportunities. With IPI’s help, Anwar’s business, and life, have changed. Like many young entrepreneurs in Thi-Qar, Anwar wanted to start a business where […]

USAID Supports Iraq’s Young Entrepreneurs

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), sponsored Baghdad’s first Startup Weekend June 28-30. More than 100 young Iraqi entrepreneurs participated in the three-day event to discuss tech-oriented business ideas and how to turn the best ideas into viable companies. A panel of successful entrepreneurs judged the business […]

US Embassy Helps Young Iraqi Entrepreneurs Create Businesses and Jobs

The U.S. Embassy’s Iraqi Youth Initiative, which forms part of the Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Program run by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), will mark its two-year anniversary in April 2012. Since the start of the program, loans valued at $3,625,100 have enabled 1,045 young entrepreneurs to build businesses that today employ […]